Friday, May 29, 2009

The Last Day of School

Isn't it strange how as parents we are so excited to take pictures on the first day of class? Like most parents I always get that first day of school photo op. Usually the smile is a little strained, nervous or anxious. The unknown world. I know we all have experienced that. This year I thought;

Why not take a last day of school picture?

This is when we should be snapping away. The kids are excited confident little beings who have learned alot........and bursting with energy and excitement to begin the summer adventure. So friends I challenge you to take that last day of school picture next year!

The dotters had exceptional teachers this year and we felt blessed to have such talented and amazing women teaching them. We wanted to do something special, so I threw together the treat jar pictured. Yummy carmel chocolate pretzels and my famous chocolate chip cookies. The girls wrote sweet personal notes to their teachers.(Brooklyn's is pictured.) Hope your kids teachers were as wonderful and you remembered to say thanks!


Leah Florence said...

What a great idea. When Sam is old enough i will have to start that tradition. I don't know if I will be able to give such cute gifts to his teachers though. You always have the cutest ideas!

Pretty Things said...

We only have two weeks and then chaos resumes!

Sarah and Ty said...

very nice. I wish I was your girls' teacher...

Hey what did you decide about the program??

And just to comment on the movie theater bathroom story. (still laughing by the way) I never did tell you I do the same thing with the TP. Why waste? Just fold & reuse. haha

Sarah and Ty said...

You need to link Bronwyn's blog!!

Heather Richardson said...

Jen and Nat your daughters and life are beautiful!

I'm glad I found your blog (thanks facebook!) so we can get glimpses into your fun life - the glimpses we used to get in Pasadena!

We come to Utah often to visit my family, we will have to get together one day soon.

Tell Bronwyn we love "Seuessical the Musical" as well!

the Richardson family