Monday, January 31, 2011

Estate and Thrift Love

So, this Friday I got to do one of my favorite things....checking out some estate sales and thrift stores. Now those of you who know me are probably thinking what is so special about that? Well, Bronwyn begged me to go and I gave in, school was skipped and Bronwyn went to her first estate sale. She was beyond excited and had a great time.

We were joined by my friend Paula who is an awesome antiques dealer.
***Paula, Bronwyn and Me

So Paula, Bronwyn and I piled into the van for the trip to Salt Lake. We ran into our other friend Cathie (who went to high school with Madonna, I just had to tell you that) who is also an wonderful antique dealer. Cathie took us to a Salvation Army thrift store in SLC we had never been to. Found lots of great stuff. At the end of the day and a Cafe Rio lunch, Bronwyn proclaimed that it was "the best day of her life!" Ohhh.....she is truly my girl!!!

So I'm going to share some fun finds:

***Found lots of great vintage jewelry for my junk necklaces, and some cool vintage glass doorknobs from the 30's.

So I'm getting ready for my Valentine's Party and I always like to have some fun giveaways for my friends, I made this cute Valentine wreath this week. Look at my previous post to see the one I made for my house.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I had the chance to take a photography class right before Christmas. I'd like to say I am now a brilliant photographer....... yeah well I would like to say that.
Right before Christmas my teacher took us to Wadley Farms in Lindon for a photo shoot. I dragged Bronwyn along to model for me. It was fun just to be together and I just snapped and snapped with my teacher giving me pointers here and there. Here are some of my favorites, and I love them becasue they are just pure Bronwyn.

I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful and beautiful dotter in my life!

If you want to take a wonderful photography course with a great teacher I recommend:
A Photo School the owner and teacher is Jed Colledge.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Looking Ahead.....Also loving the red and pink.

One of my goals this year is blog just a bit more, my last entry was 2 weeks ago so I need to get serious about this goal. I'm really shooting for once a week, so let's see what happens. I was going to write my list of top ten creative adventures of last year, but I have decided it's a new year, I need to look ahead, not back. I'm going to share a few ideas we have brewing for this year that I am excited about. But first, I am so in the Valentine Day mood. I love to decorate and I was so excited to put together a sweet valentine vignette in my house to get us in the mood for love and I also just plain love the colors pink and red. Those colors just make me happy. I am also in the throes of planning my second annual Valentine Party and Cookie Exchange. The ideas are flowing!!
I made this wreath with sweet birds and vintage embellishments. I bought the yarn at DI for $1 and wrapped a straw wreath. Perfect for Valentine's don't you think? I love layering things and love the look of wreaths on top of mirrors.
I love Vintage Valentines and try and collect some every year. They are so sweet.
I bought this white urn at one of my favorite stores, Second Hand Chic in Salt Lake. I love it and can make it fit with any decor. I used it for Christmas and it is perfect here for Valentines. I just put in a vintage valentine, a pink glitter heart and a vintage silk rose. I also left the gold mercury beads from Christmas. They are just so pretty.
I always love decorating with candy and filling them with the colors of the season always add a bold statement. I made the little pedestal stand with red gumballs on it. I purchased an old milk glass plate and found the silver candle holder at DI. With a little E6000 I made this cute platter.
This is my kitchen windowsill. I made the picture holder out of a vintage oil can, and bits of vintage lace, jewelry and buttons. A perfect place vintage romantic french postcards. I love the huge sucker and have one made for all 3 dotters for Valentines.

Do you decorate for the holidays? What do you do for Valentines Day?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Eve....Goodbye 2010

This year we had a family party for New Year's Eve. For the past 5 years or so we have gone to our dear friends the Parkins every New Year's Eve to celebrate with them. This year our dotters wanted a party of their own with beloved cousins. (The Parkin's children are ages 11-19 and the dotter's just don't understand why 16 year old Jordan wants to hang out with her friends and not them:)) We missed you Parkins!!

However, we did have a great time as a family, with Grandpa and Grandma Moss attending with all the crazy cousins, which are mostly girls. Sorry Forrest!! (My one lone nephew in the bunch.)

We ate and danced and ate and watched the ball and did I say we ate!!

2010 you were a good year and I'm looking forward to 2011, especially with my wild and wonderful dotters.

May this year be even more fun, adventurous and of course creative. I can't wait to see what is in store.

Even my sweet niece Aspen stayed up to ring in 2011!

Look for my Top Ten Creative Adventures of 2010 blog post this week.