Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas......

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. We were a little low key, due to some surgery I had on Monday. It was nice to have the week to recover and the dotter's and I headed to my Mom's for a lovely Thanksgiving dinner. I was starting to feel better by Friday and decided to start pulling out my Christmas decor.

I have been so inspired by Pinterest. It is awesome and really I must confess somewhat of an addiction. So I have my Christmas file and have been storing away some great ideas.

You all know I love is my life, my style, my way. Well, Christmas is no exception and I was inspired to do a shelf with all my Christmas vintage kitsch collectibles. I added a few more this year that I picked up from junking friends....the records...thanks Cathie...and Bruce helped with the collection this year. I also love that cool old felt banner that wishes all a Merry Christmas.

A close-up of my sweet choir boys, bottle brush trees and the 50's Santa.
 So of course I re-did my green shelf, giving it a faded white Christmas look. I also actually remembered to plant some paper whites and amaryllis bulbs because I love them so. They are coming along nicely.
Love this burlap "Blessed" banner, works so perfectly for the season. I got it on my friend's very cool website VERY JANE.

A Wonderful vintage ribbon tree!

In my living room window, can't wait to see their beautiful blooms.

I had to put these awesome vintage New Year's items I picked up at Abode. They have a wonderful dealer, Ann who I bought these from. She is a lovely lady and does Fleaology too!!

I love the old vintage ornaments, can never have to many.

Still have the trees to get to, but it put me in the Christmas mood to get my "Christmas vintage on". :)

My sweet hubby put up some lights and then I made him go with me to "Footloose"! What a guy! I must say it didn't have the same effect on me that Kevin Bacon did all those years ago. :)

Hope your getting in the holiday mood. I'm working like crazy on Beehive Bazaar and can't wait to bring some fun new stuff to the show. I will give you a preview later on this week.

One last thing, the sweet holiday Mindy Gledhill video our family worked on. Check it out HERE. It is absolutely charming.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Things I.....

 In another life I would love to be a stylist for a magazine. So to satisfy my stylist cravings I use our living room to try design ideas. I played around with the "white wall" yesterday and was pretty happy with the results. It's a good mix of vintage and modern (at least for my taste.)

What do you think?

 My friend Cathie had this darling shoe shine box for sale and I had to snatch it up. I was looking for something to put at the front door so each dotter could keep a pair of shoes close at hand.
 I am getting so excited for Beehive Bazaar and have been busy. I am trying to replenish my party hats since they all sold at SPARK. I am making more for kids too.  Plan to check out the Bazaar the second weekend of December. Wonderful Christmas shopping.

Getting excited for the upcoming holiday season. Trying to figure out a new color palette.

What things are you loving lately?