Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sing for Me

I want to share this audition tape of Bronwyn's for "Lehi's Got Talent".


Leah Florence said...

what a talented girl! I love how emotional she gets, way to go for it!

The McEwans said...

Holy Cow! She is AMAZING! She is totally a natural. I can't wait to hear her sing again! Bronwyn, you can come over and sing for us anytime.

Happy Holmes said...

I had no idea! Her voice is beautiful! Heather and I are sitting around watching and we both agree that your family is oozing with talent!!!

We may need to request a live show next time the family is together!

Ashley said...

Wow! Did you guys just teach her and sing at home or does she do voice lessons? SHe has a beautiful voice and did a great job. Fun song too! By the way, awesome cooking birthday party!!

charrette said...

Wow -- She sounds like a pro! What a great voice. Theater is SO in her genes!