Friday, December 31, 2010

Fairy Giveaway Winners!! and Happy New Year's Eve

The dotters and I prepared the fairy giveaway names for the drawing this morning. Thanks for all your wonderful comments, it is always fun to hear from friends. I wish I could give something to everyone of you. My 100th blog post will be coming up soon and I plan to giveaway a beautiful crown for a special friend, so check back with me when you can. Since I have 3 dotters and I have 3 fairy treats to giveaway they each picked one. We put everyone's name in a bowl and each dotter picked a name. So the winner's are:
Bella picked Heather Richardson!
Bronwyn picked Jessica Malungahu.
Brooklyn picked Kat and Jon Robinson.

Okay you three send me your addresses and I will get these fairy packages off to you.

We are home getting ready for our big New Year's Eve bash with all our cousins. We have our party hats and horns ready. Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Dear Santa,

Thank-you for bringing me such a wonderful gift. How did you know that I wanted this gorgeous red velvet vintage sofa for my very own?

Oh yeah....I told you.


**Go here for my fairy giveaway. You have until December 30.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Waiting for Santa.....Christmas Eve


Okay who posts on their blog Christmas Eve? Yes, it's true...I do. It is 11:02 pm and I just got my very excited 3 dotters to bed (they are all sleeping with big sis in her bed tonight), in their brand new Christmas jammies..... and I am waiting for Santa to arrive. In order to do that I need to wait for the 3 to settle and finally fall asleep. So I'm thinking...... what can I do to pass the time...? I KNOW, I will blog!!!

I've been wanting to share our Christmas home here in Orem. This is the first Christmas in our house, and while I didn't buy alot of new decorations, I used our decorations differently and I made some as well. So here's the Christmas house 2010:

This year I bought some vintage mercury beads for my gold mirror that I love so much. I also confess to buying the amazingly fabulous garland at Anthropolgie. And please don't ask me what it cost. I love it so much, I might keep it up all year. (Close up of the garland is the first pic in the post.)

I made this wreath with a French twist.....Merry Christmas....Joyeux Noel
It would not be Christmas without my choir boys....don't you love the one with the black eye?
Christmas Eve....3dotters.....Christmas jammie tradition....I love that they all match, but different colors. Thank-you Children's Place.
All snug is big sis's bed....waiting for the guy to come....Dream of those sugarplums...or ipod touches........



Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Fairies...the big 5th birthday....and a Giveaway!

So having 3 dotters has really made me into a girly girl. As a child I don't particularly remember being so girly and loving the color pink. When that first dotter was born, pink instantly became my favorite color (it still is.) I especially love the idea of fairies. There has always been something magical about them. When my oldest dotter turned 5 I decided to have a big fairy party for her. We had 15 little fairy guests. I made them skirts and wings, we had a fairy treasure hunt, face painting and really fun games. The party was a huge success. So when dotter 2 turned 5 I knew I had to have a fairy party for her. Again, it was a huge success. This time I actually put a fairy tent in the backyard decorated with flowers. So dotter 3 is my last, and she turns 5 this Christmas day. We usually have her party a few weeks prior to Christmas. This party was more of a challenge since the other dotters have warm birthdays...meaning the party can be outside.

Since this was my last fairy party I wanted everything perfect. I decorated my kitchen to look like a magical fairyland place. We had fun fairy food, the outfits were cute, the games fun and the all seemed to have a good time. Most of all my little fairy Bella, truly felt like a special birthday girl.

Today as I'm writing this post, I am so tired. December is busy month without adding a big birthday party on top of it. I'm a little sad too. No more dotters, no more fairy parties. 5 seems to be a magical age, when you are 5 fairies do exist and Santa Claus will be coming down your chimney soon.

Happy Birthday my sweet Bella!

So, I want to share some fairy magic with you as well. If you leave a comment I will share some fairy love with you. I will pick 3 people and send them wings (beautiful and handmade), a skirt, a cute crown (that I made) and some sweet fairy treats. I will take comments until the end of the month. I will choose 3 people by noon on December 30 and mail the items straight to your house.

I am going to post some pictures, if you want specifics on anything I did, I'm happy to share info/ideas.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Beehive Bazaar this Weekend

Okay I just got back from setting up my booth at the Beehive Bazaar. Lot's of great stuff as usual. Said hello to some crafty friends and met some new crafty friends. That is what I love about the craft world. Lots of fun and interesting people. I picked up a few things that I will show you later in another post.

So one of the most awesome things about the Beehive Bazaar is that they have a young crafter corner. Kids can apply to sell things that they make. Last year Brooklyn and Bronwyn made these cute bottlecap necklaces and sold out. This year they are letting younger sister Bella join in the business. They made twice as many too. Hope they sell these all out. Bronwyn has also made some really amazing masks. This year when we went to the Utah Shakespeare Festival she came along with us. The festival sells these amazing masks and she was inspired to create her own and has done a great job. Go check them out. Below are some pictures I took when she was working on them.

I was an idiot and did not take picture of the final masks, but if you live in Utah go check them out for yourself.

Bronwyn has really enjoyed making these masks and is excited to sell them. I love her creative spirit. I hope she always has it, as well as the other two dotters.

My challenge to you this week: Do something creative with your children or mother or whomever.......and also realize everyone's definition or perception of creativity is different. I always hate when friends or family tell me "I'm not creative." I don't believe that. Our Heavenly Father gave everyone the spark of creativity, it just manifests itself in different ways.

Okay enough of that, time for bed! Go check out the Beehive Bazaar!