Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Craft "Show and Tell"

I've decided every Friday, I will am going to write about the craft projects I have been working on that week. I feel like I'm in a really creative state of mind, and have been having fun with some ideas I've wanted to do for awhile. First, I love jewelry and am always trying to come up with some new ideas. Fun, funky stuff that I would love to wear and is unique. I put together some cool new necklaces, with pieces of "stuff" I've collected the last few months. It finally came together. Of course, the week would not be complete without making a few bracelets. I am certifiably OBSESSED with vintage buttons. I found some really cute sticker buttons at the BYU craft store (is a sweet little gem, and a nice break sometimes) and I had to have them. They truly spoke to me and really reflected my personality. A little hot glue and I had some adorable magnets. (I especially love the "I Love Blogs".) Finally, I bought this cute handmade kit at the "Beehive Bazaar" a few weeks ago and finally sat down and put it together. I am totally charmed by it; as were the "DOTTERS" and I plan to make one for each of them. They love little things....anything tiny or something with lots of parts. Luckily this little family house is contained in a cute box. I had lots of fun creating this week. Enjoy the show and tell!

A few necklaces I made with objects I love. Vintage buttons, Buddhas, these cool birds I found at a boutique, velvet ribbon and before you know it..... fun funky necklaces.

Fun magnets!
I love blogs! Magnet
Black, Bling and Red Vintage Button BraceletOrange Bling Vintage Button Bracelet. I love this one, because it takes a while to find vintage orange.

Blingy Gold Vintage Button Bracelet. Don't you love the hint of red and blue rhinestone. A sweet surprise!
Our little doll house box (outside)
Meet the family, with their beds, table, chairs, potted flowers, clothesline, stuffed animal and pillows. I used scrapbook papers for wallpaper, rugs, etc. It was fun to "decorate" this little house.
Detail of the bed and pillow, walls
Mom, the queen of course. I designed her outfit myself. (With a crown of course!)
Family in a box! :)


Pretty Things said...

Oh WOW but all of this is AMAZING!!!!! I wish I could do this kind of art, but I stink at it. WOW WOW WOW!

Sarah and Ty said...

I want some magnets. LOVE those. And this doll house in a box is the cutest thing ever. I wanna see it in person!

The McEwans said...

Oh my gosh! There isn't a more creative person in the world! LOVE LOVE the necklaces and new bracelets. I love the girly dollhouse. You need to bring it next time I see you. Your girls are so lucky to have you! I am inspired to craft this week.

Michelle said...

Hey Jen... your new stuff is great! i especially love the necklaces... i'd wear them more than a bracelet...wink wink! hahah Fabulous!!!

3 Reed Dotters said...

Hey,mom Bronwyn speaking great things.Know wonder your so talented.

3 Reed Dotters said...

hey, mom what you are a good are so good.

Rochelle said...

Hi Jen!
I am so inspired by you! Beautiful pictures and findings! What is the BYU Craft store? I haven't heard of it before. I think we all need more crafts in our life, don't we?!