Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our December

December completely got away from me. Shows, shopping, family, parties, recitals, a birthday (Bella's 4th) and did I say shows? Needless to say it was a wonderful and full month. I've decided to post some fun photos that will show our "creative December". Enjoy and have a WONDERFUL, HAPPY, BLISSFUL AND CREATIVE New Year.

I love to decorate (vintage is the only way to go at Christmas for me.) I especially loved my tree this year and will be sad to see it put away.

Birds were it for me this year, I used them in everything, my Christmas tree, jewelry I make. I just love them.

Nat made this wonderful bench for me for Christmas. I bought this vintage Monterey style bed at an estate sale in CA years ago. I have dragged it with every move, hoping to see it made into a bench someday. My someday finally happened! Thanks Honey!!

On Christmas we celebrate the birth of our Savior, but we also celebrate the birth of our little Isabella. Born December 25, 2005. She turned 4 this year. She wanted a friend party so a few weeks prior Bella had her first friend birthday. We love you Bella!!

Bronwyn was in a show this holiday season, entitled "Nuncrackers". If you have seen "Nunsense" it is the Christmas version. She opened the day after Thanksgiving and closed December 21st. She had a great time performing most nights and made some good friends. Nat also designed the set. Go visit Bronwyn's blog at

This is Tiffany, she is one of my stage management students at BYU and Nat hired her to do "Nuncrackers". We love Tiffany!!

As I mentioned in a previous post, Brooklyn was in The Nutcracker. Here is a picture backstage with the Snow Princess. (Her name is Joni and she happens to be Brooklyn's ballet teacher.) She is an amazing ballerina and Brooklyn loves her.

If shows were not enough we also threw Bronwyn's piano recital in the mix. Here she is playing a duet with her teacher. Bronwyn is very good at the piano and has made lots of progress this year.
Bronwyn stop monkeying around! Brooklyn gave this giant sock monkey to Bronwyn for Christmas this year. She collects sock monkey's and has many vintage ones in her collection, but this is by far the biggest!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our Little Ballerina

Where has December gone? 10 days until Christmas? I think someone stole some weeks from me. Wanted to share this pic of Brooklyn. She is performing with UTAH REGIONAL BALLET in the Nutcracker at the Covey Center for the Arts. This is the second season they have hired me to stage manage their ballets and this year I started her at the school associated with the company. It was a thrill when they asked her to be in the Nutcracker this year as a "cookie". I snapped this pic with my phone backstage. She also grabbed my phone and took the pics of her feet. I thought she has a good eye for the camera. Anyway, enjoy! Bronwyn is also performing a show this month called "Nuncrackers", based on the Nunsense musical but the Christmas version. She is really cute and funny in it. More pics to come about her show. Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Can We Keep FALL a Little Longer......and Halloween

Well it happened. Fall is officially over in Utah. It pretty much snowed all day yesterday, we've pulled out the shovels, thrown salt on the ice, dug out all the boots, gloves, hats and snow pants...and I'm feeling a little blue.

I love the Fall. I love the colors, the weather, Halloween, pumpkin pie, sweaters and I especially love decorating for Fall. I have a pretty impressive stash of Fall "stuff" and every year I always buy something to add to it. I was out shopping yesterday and everything is so Christmas.... right after Halloween (and now before) we are plummeted with Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas but I still want to hold on to Fall. I mean we still have Thanksgiving right?

In another life I always thought I would love to be a magazine stylist, say for Country Living or Home Companion. Enjoy me amateur attempts at my Fall styling. I got that really cool gold mirror for $10 at DI(thrift store). You can surround yourself with beautiful things without spending a fortune. As always, sending many creative thoughts your way.

Had to post some Halloween pics for our out of state family members. Our little Geisha girls.

Brooklyn the "Angry Geisha"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Beehive Bazaar, Family Pics, Buy Handmade, Shows...Oh My!

I can't believe that it will be the middle of November soon. After last month's theatre projects I have moved onto crafting projects. I decided to do the Beehive Bazaar the first weekend of December. It is a really fun and hip craft show. I would say "Not your mother's craft show". I will be selling my vintage button bracelets and necklaces as well as crowns and junk journals. Stop by if you live around Provo. You will find some fun unique things, perfect for Christmas gifts. Remember Buy Handmade!

I am also posting some additional pics of our family photo session. I would really recommend this photographer Andee McDonald.

Now that Nat and I have slowed down on some projects the girls have picked up where we have left off. Bronwyn is in "Nuncrackers" at the Scera. It is a cute musical, if you have seen "Nunsense" it is the Christmas version. She is rehearsing every night. They open the day after Thanksgiving. Brooklyn is in the actual "Nutcracker" the ballet. I am the resident stage manager for Utah Regional Ballet and they do a wonderful "Nutcracker" every year at the Covey Center for the Arts. Brooklyn started class at their school this year and they asked her to be a cookie in the famous battle scene. It's been fun but she has rehearsal every week for that. Needless to say Nat and I are driving to a lot of rehearsals. I will let you know more details and post some pics about the shows soon.

Hope your November is off to a good start as we prepare for this wonderful amazing time of year. Happy creative thoughts to you..........

Sunday, October 25, 2009's almost over.

Those of you who know how crazy are lives are, know that October has been unusually crazy. This truly has been a month to remember. These are just some of the highlights:

--Nat designed puppets and opened Stellaluna at the Scera after just doing some amazing puppets for UVU's production of Charlotte's Web. FYI-The Daily Herald did a great story on him in today's paper. If you want to read it go here:

--I opened Mortal Fool's first production which was Frankenstein. I have been rehearsing since August and Nat designed and built a beautiful set.

--The week after Frankenstein opened I went right onto Homecoming Spectacular week. I've been working on that project since March. It was a fabulous, huge show and I spent many 16 hour days at the Marriott Center. But well worth it. I've posted some fabulous pics that Michael Handley (the producer) took.
--We did our primary program (sigh) today and it really was a beautiful meeting. Many of the older children wrote their own talks. They are such an example to me. Totally inspiring.

If you can believe in the middle of all of this.....we took some family photos. I always love to have our family photos done in the fall. It is my favorite time of year. My friend Megan used this photographer and I just loved her work. I booked a session with her and she sent me some previews. I just loved them and wanted to share. I'm hoping to get the rest soon. Her name is Andee McDonald and I would highly recommend her. Her blog is:

Needless to say I am looking forward to a restful November and spending time with the dotters.
Hope you had a happy October!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Last night the first production of Mortal Fool's Theatre Project premiered. It was such a great evening; finally seeing the work, long nights away from kids and wonderful artistry come together to produce Frankenstein. The idea started about a year ago, when David Morgan and Ward Wright would come into my office at BYU and we would talk about producing the kind of theatre we wanted to see and why we all chose it as a career to begin with. Thus the seed was planted for MFTP. Instead of talking we actually did something. So we started this company with a core group of artists. We lean towards good classical works or great adaptations of wonderful literature so it seemed right to pick this version of Frankenstein that has a very classic feel and sounds like the Shelly novel. David and Ward would be in it and I would direct. It has truly been a pleasure working with this group of people. The acting is the finest I have seen here in Utah and Nat of course did an amazing set. I hope if you read this and live in Utah you will take the opportunity to see some wonderful theatre.