Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day!

**This is a vintage children's print that I put out for Thanksgiving. In some ways it really speaks to me about food and holidays in general. :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Good Laugh

I have posted one before, but just had to share this note as well. Brooklyn (Dotter #2) has lost yet another tooth. The note that awaited the tooth fairy.......
Have a great day! This note made mine.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tea Parties, Tiaras and........Time

A picture of the lovely ballerina lamp in my dotter's room.

I've been thinking a lot about tea parties lately. I know, weird.

So.... since I have 3 dotters, I have hosted many tea parties. Tea parties in my mind represent fun, make-believe, sharing, pretend and magic; all things you associate with childhood.

I've been feeling so nostalgic lately and..... in a way that hasn't hit me before; that my girls are growing up, they are getting older. What happened to those cute chubby cheeks those sweet toddlers. I know you are probably thinking yes Jennifer; children do grow up, but I appreciate your indulgence as I lament. My baby...yes baby turns 5 in one month. I still remember this little 2 pound preemie fighting for life... and now 5!

I truly believe when you have children your life seems to kick in and move at warp speed. Do you feel that way?

With Christmas coming up, my dotters have started to tweet and twitter about what they want, the responses are listed below:

1) An ipod touch
2) An iphone
3) Dsi games
4) Giftcards
5) and just plain CASH

No dolls, no real toys so to speak, not even books. Yes, technology is what they crave. Have I told you my dotters are 10, 7 and 5(almost)? It does make me sad, and also makes me realize how different the world is that my children are growing up in.

So I'm back to tea parties. Whenever I think about this to much, the fact that they are getting older, the fact that all they crave is technology I remember that they still love to have tea parties.
I don't know for how long, but for today they want to put on those vintage hats, get out the teacups and have delightful desserts.

And today I am grateful for that.

Some adorable teacups I bought at Anthropologie. One for each of the dotters with their initials.
A sweet vintage tea service and crown I will be selling at the Beehive Bazaar. Start your own tea party tradition.
Another sweet fairy crown with vintage tea cups that will be available at the Beehive Bazaar.
A closeup of this glitter fairy "tiara"

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Come to the Beehive Bazaar

A lot of you know, I do very few shows, but one that I try not to miss is the Beehive Bazaar. It is the best handmade craft show in the state of Utah. There are always great things and new ideas. I am not only a vendor but a shopper of the show as well. I always get some great stuff. So I'm working my little fingers to the bone every night and sorting through all the ideas in my head. If you live in Utah it is worth the trip to Provo. Come say hi!

The BB folks sent me their press release and art, so enjoy and I hope to see you there!

Always Unique, Only Handmade & Continually The Best

It’s got the frenetic energy of a punk show, the culture of an art gallery, the community of your local farmers market, oh and lest we forget, a superlative shopping experience that is truly unparalleled anywhere in the state—it’s Utah’s own, independent arts and crafts festival, the Beehive Bazaar.

For seven years and fourteen shows, Noelle Olpin, Molly Call and Duane Call have hosted the bi-annual show providing a stage for local artists and crafters to share their unique, handmade wares with the community.

“We’re selective” says Molly Call, “If we’re going to include something in the show, it’s got to be unique, quality, handmade and most of all something we’d want to buy—it’s not about quantity, it’s about showcasing the very best, every time.”

In addition, Noelle Olpin says, “We focus on keeping a balance of new vendors and Bazaar veterans so each show maintains an air of familiarity and comfort spiked with plenty of surprise.”

This season the Beehive Bazaar will be held at the Women’s Center in Provo Utah, “It’s always been a place where the community has gathered—it’s at the heart of the town, close to the park, the city pool and the baseball field. We love supporting local culture, and think it’s the perfect place.” Duane Call said.

The Winter 2010 vendors offer a wide variety of arts and crafts including paintings, prints, jewelry, glass, paper, felt, glass, ceramics, bags, skirts, aprons, dolls, cards, home d├ęcor, ornaments, jams, cookies, cupcakes and oh-so much more. This season’s vendors include:

Alma and Mike Loveland

Amber Perks

Amy Elise Feisthamel

Amy Redden

Andy Chase

Angela Flicker

Anne Scott

Annie Kershisnik Blake

Annie Wheeler

Arinn Aanderud

Ashley Giessing

Ashley Isenhour

Ashley Mae Hoiland

Beccy Bingham

Bren Jackson

Candace J. Andersen

Caroline Drake

Carrie Poulsen

Colette Yarro

Colt Bowden

Dallas Russell

Dave Hamilton

Debbie Thompson

Emily Cooper

Emily King

Eva & friends

Jennifer Reed

Jennifer Wakeland and Heather Van Dam

Jessica Berrett

Jessie Huish

Jill Swensen

Julie Gillrie

Kanani Hayes

Keri Rainock

Krista Schmitz and Shelly Perkins

Leia Bell

Luze Howse

Lynlee Price

Mari Spiker

Melanie Elyse Brewster

Michael Phipps

Michelle Rasmussen

Monica Dennis

Morag Kawaskai

Nicole Choules

Nikki Jackson

Paula Hogan

Rachel Schutz

Samantha Kelly

Sonya Evans

Stacey Foster

Steve & Michelle Hunt

Susan Petersen

Suzanne Clements

Suzi Bates

Tami Thornton

The Estes Girls

Tonya Vistaunet

Trista Millette

Zoe Jacobson & Jeremy Josephson

Visit to learn more about the artists, preview what they’ll have to offer and learn how to get involved yourself—the Bazaar is always scouting new talent.

The Beehive Bazaar dates, times and location:

- Thursday, December 2, 9PM – 12AM

Entry fee of $4, Thursday evening only

- Friday, December 3, 10AM – 10PM

- Saturday, December 4, 10AM – 8PM

- The Provo Women’s Center | 310 West 500 North

For additional information please email us

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Sock Monkey....and Fall

So this year's most inspired costume goes to Dotter #1. She wanted to be a sock monkey. Go here and you will see how much see likes them. October is a really hard month for me and time, so I looked online to buy a costume. I could not spend the money they wanted, so I told her we had to do something else.

Coming to the rescue was our beloved costume designer friend Kelsey. She whipped that costume out in a day for her, and all because she is a good friend and loves Bronwyn....and Bronwyn loves her. Thanks Kelsey for the cutest costume ever.....also a big thanks to Seaver (her husband) who helped cut it out.

So here it is:

We found the red furry clogs at a yard sale!

I love Fall, we had some snow last week but it has melted on the ground and is just on the mountains. We got back that beautiful crisp, sunny Fall day. I am taking a photography class and was practicing....the results below.

Oh Fall why can't you stay?