Thursday, July 21, 2011

My "Treasures"

I've been thinking a lot lately about "treasures". Why is it that I love everything vintage, old, shabby, get the idea. Where did this love of vintage come from? I have loved this style for as long as I remember being conscience of having a "style".

My parents don't really love the vintage way, so where does it come from? My parents always bought new furniture, I don't remember going to thrift stores as a child, so why does the idea of spending a day at flea markets, consignment shops and thrift stores make my heart go all fluttery? Where does this come from?

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this............

Had a great Fleaology on Saturday. Thanks to all my friends and customers who came and visited and found their own treasures.

I have restocked my booth at Treasures Antique Mall in Springville. (Utah that is.) What??? Are you a vintage loving Utahan (is that what we are?) and have never been there?

You need to go. They have over 70 dealers in two warehouses and lots of great TREASURES! I am not only a vendor, but an avid shopper there. Come visit.

We leave in about 10 days for our big NYC trip. It will be the dotter's first trip to the Big Apple. We are getting excited (and broke! as we buy all the tickets.....) we also get to visit Grandpa Reed and Grandma Karen in Virginia and can't wait to see them!

Hope your summer is going SWELL.

My little booth at Treasures.

Brought in a few birthday hats. Don't you just love it on a wedding dress?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mad Hatter Tea Party

So my lovely little middle dotter turned 8 this month. In our family that is a very special birthday. In our church children get baptized when they turn 8 and that important event will take place at the end of the month.

I wanted to have a special party for this special birthday. I have been wanting to do a Mad Hatter Tea Party for some time and she decided that the tea party was for her. I probably worked on it for about 3 months, making sure I got on the components. The fun part for me is trying to find just what I need on a pretty limited budget. I got most of the decorations at thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales and a few antique dealer friends.

I had so much fun doing this party for my sweet little dotter. Happy Birthday honey!

Okay, here is the disclaimer: Tons of pictures below, I  just loved them all. I owe the wonderful photography to the lovely Sarah Pennepacker. She is great photographer and helped me capture this fun party.







Monday, July 11, 2011

Bella's Vintage Market

I had the opportunity to be part of a new flea/vintage market in Salt Lake this past Saturday. It was at Wheeler Farm which is this charming park with old houses, buildings and lot's of farm life. It was actually a perfect spot for a fun vintage market. I saw lots of old friends (my two Fleaology pals Cathie and Paula were there with awesome stuff.) I also met some great new friends and people whose work I've admired at other shows. It was fun to be around so many creative people. I did some trading and got some great new stuff as always.


Here are some pictures of my booth. (I actually thought I got some decent booth pictures, which happens to me so rarely, I usually never have time.) I am excited for Flea.o.logy this weekend and will be bringing some great stuff. Come visit our Flea.o.logy blog!