Wednesday, May 13, 2009

3rd Graders Meet Shakespeare

Last month Bronwyn read "A Midsummer Night's Dream" for her book report. They were allowed to do anything for their presentation. Nat has been developing his Shakespeare marionette show and we thought it would be fun to have her present it to the class. The show is based loosely on Jay Leno and is called "Shakespeare's Half Hour Comedy Hour". The show starts with Shakespeare and his opening monologue. He also does a top ten list, headlines and ends with the "mechanicals" community theatre presenting Prymus and Thisbee. This was perfect since that is taken directly from "Midsummer". Nat usually uses a different puppeteer but taught Bronwyn the show. I came and did some props and sound. The class was great and very responsive to the show. It is always good for Nat to do the show for an audience as he is trying to add and refine it. Bronwyn did great! She really enjoys puppeteering as well. After the show the kids asked lots of questions and wanted to work the puppets. Nat also stayed and helped them make their own paper cup marionettes. I think the class had a great time, hopefully learned something and Miss Russell (Bronwyn's teacher) was very appreciative of the event. Hopefully Bronwyn got an A on the book report!

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