Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Reed Family Puppeteers

So last weekend was really fun. We had the opportunity to work on a project together as a family. If you don't know already, I am married to someone who loves puppets. He has always loved them and has actually made a living at various times making puppets!

Yes it is true!

When we lived in LA he had the privilege of working at the Jim Henson Creature Shop, which is like the best of the best.

While he doesn't make a living full time at it now, he does a decent amount of freelance work. He also teaches puppetry at BYU. You can go to his blog here.

So you are probably wondering why I am telling you all this. So this really lovely singer named Mindy Gledhill hired Nat to make some puppets for a new music video she was shooting entitled Winter Moon. He needed some puppeteers, so along with a few students.... he hired the 3 dotters. They did a smashing job and it was really awesome to do something together, the 5 of us...creating, laughing, making art, whatever you want to call it. (In his heart of hearts he would love to have a family puppet theatre with the 3 dotters at puppeteers.)

And he paid them 10 bucks they were really happy!

I'll post the video when it is released, hopefully in a few weeks. In the meantime check out one of her videos here.

Happy Weekend and some pics to get into the Christmas spirit.

It's not that far away.......


Thursday, October 27, 2011


If you would like your very own crown, drop me a quick email.  (
I would love to make you one.

(This is a picture of a birthday crown for my friend Rhonna Farrer.)

Had a great time being a vendor at SPARK! Thanks to everyone who bought a bit of vintage whimsey!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Moonlight Ride

I'm sure some of you that read my blog (and my friends who do read it) think I craft, decorate, party and go junking all the time.  :) I do spend a lot of time doing these activities, but sometimes it's nice to set that all aside and go out into the beautiful outdoors.

We are lucky that we live in one of the most beautiful states ever! UTAH!!!If you have never been, consider yourself personally invited! We happen to live very close to Provo Canyon, where the world famous Sundance is located. It is about 15 minutes from our driveway to the resort. I found out quite recently that Sundance hosts Full moon rides on their ski lift. Nat and I thought it would be a fun outing for the dotters. It was chilly, but we snuggled together and kept warm. The moon was so bright! It was like a spotlight had been pointed at the mountains for us to see. It was such a cool way to see this stunning scenery. I took a few pictures (not so great; photographing by moonlight is pretty hard.) The dotter's had fun saying hello to the other cars as we passed each other in the darkness.

And we had a great time as a family.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

RANDOM photos on my iphone

The title really got you didn't it......

So I don't know about you but my 3 dotters take my iphone all the time. Do your kids do that too? So they use it as their own personal camera. Now most of the time they do this without my permission and quite frankly without me knowing it. So tonight I looked at my camera roll and I see 36 pictures. Now you have to understand that I rarely, rarely use my iphone camera so I was very curious to see what the photos were.

I had a good laugh.

My dotter's do love photographing themselves.

I did find 2 fun pictures that I actually took and will include in this wonderful photo essay.

So without further essay....Random iphone pictures

What??? I don't even know what to say

Does she look a little devilish here? or is it just me?

This was one picture I took. Bronwyn meeting Brian Stokes Mitchell after he performed at BYU's Homecoming Spectacular. She was thrilled to chat with a bona fide Broadway star.  After she chatted with him for a minute Bronwyn told me that night "Mom, I'm so glad you are not a house mom". I finally impressed my dotter. BTW it was an awesome show to work on, and he is a lovely, lovely person.

A random rehearsal shot I took of him....obviously I need iphone camera lessons.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Decorating

I love the Fall. The air gets crisper, routines are back into full swing and yes....I get to decorate with fab Fall colors. I love earth tones; orange, green, brown and yellow. I pull out a bunch of my Fall stuff but I always try and do something different or new. I love using as much vintage items as possible. So my "styling" looks something like this:

I love old toolboxes and this one was perfect. Compartments for old books, pumpkins and a real topiary.

Remember that cool old cupboard I got, it's now all decked out for Fall and Halloween.

I love old clocks. In this setting, I think it is "vintage spooky"

Added a few ravens to my mirrors.

I love these real pumpkins from a pumpkin tree.
Just a little glimpse into our Fall home. You should see the outside!

My new obsession: Pinterest.....if you haven't checked it out.....DON'T  or you might get hooked like me!

Happy Fall!