Sunday, August 30, 2009

Skirts Rule

On a winter's eve, a long one keeps you warm
On a warm summer day, skirts keep you cool
Wear the right one to compliment your form
One for every occasion; Skirts definitely rule

--Lyn Lomasi

Wanted to share the latest project I've worked on. I found this really cute pattern and fell in love. The skirts were fairly easy to make. It took about 6 different fabrics and I love all the Amy Butler line and also needless to say the fabric was not cheap. But the skirts turned out so cute and the girls love them! I still need to finish Bella's. They are also unique, not something you can find at Target. (Although I love Target!) The cost was about $15 in fabric and about 3 hours of my time. I've been working on some other fun projects and plan on posting pics soon.

Brooklyn and Bronwyn have been wanting to make a vintage button bracelet. On Saturday we were off to Confetti's and they went through the bathtub of buttons and picked out some for their bracelets. Turned out pretty cute!
I loved this photo. I savor these moments!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Making Big Moments Special

Today was the first day of school....which went great if you care to know. The girls looked adorable in their new school outfits and shoes. Brooklyn also made her lunch which was exciting to do, being in the first grade and all. But what I really want to talk about is last night. Nat and I really wanted to make the last evening of summer vacation special. We wanted to create a "moment" that our girls could always remember. Now I'm not saying you have to go to a lot of work to create special moments. Sometimes they are so natural and spontaneous that they are magical. Sometimes, like last night you need to create magic. I want to share our magical moment with you. Most of my close friends know I have an insane schedule. I have many things going on in my life, but my children, they are my heart and I always want to try and create special moments that we can share together. Now about last night........

I made this really cute garland that I hung above the kitchen table (it's still there because it looked so fun.) It instantly transformed the room into a magical place. I made each of the girls crowns to wear during our special dinner. Each crown had their name and what grade in school they were going into. I stopped at Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcakes and bought them "a to die for" treat. They are so pretty too! Nat took care of dinner and had a wonderful idea. Our kids favorite restaurant is Sweet Tomatoes, (a salad bar place) so Nat created Sweet Tomatoes at home for the girls. They loved it. It really struck me what a simple idea it was and yet they were giddy about it. Why have we not done this before? We set a pretty table which included wine glasses, that they love to use. They were upstairs in the room as we prepared the special feast. When the girls came down the stairs there were audible gasps and then giddy sweet laughter. They were so excited and gave us huge hugs and thank-yous. We all sat down with our salads and talked about the upcoming school year. I also gave them clipboards of things that they need to accomplish everyday throughout the year. We clicked our glasses and cheered each other good wishes for the upcoming school year. The evening ended with some beautiful Fathers' blessings given to them by Nat.

Although I'm not able to spend as many "moments" with my children as I would like, I try to make as many as I can special. I want my children to have great memories and to feel how much they are loved by their parents. I know that we accomplished that last night. In my kitchen on my wall is a saying, to remind me daily about "moments". I know it's used often, but it still is my favorite.


On a side note, yesterday was also my 14Th Wedding Anniversary. I am so grateful to have a loving, kind companion in this life journey together. He is also a wonderful father too! I love you Nathaniel! To many more amazing years take my breath away still.....

Our festive table
Bella's crownBrooklyn's crownThe daily clipboard assignments....
We love these special "moments" with our girls!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Reaching the Summit

All summer I have been working on a project at BYU for Homecoming Spectacular at the Marriott Center in October. It's a awesome show that showcases all the talented BYU groups. We also honor a BYU founding father. This year it is Eugene Roberts, who was the first athletic director at BYU and he founded the Timp hike. We wanted to film the actor on the top of Timp for the finale, so we hiked yesterday and filmed on the summit. (About 12,000 feet) I was a little nervous about going because it's a pretty intense hike. About 20 miles round trip. Nat decided to join the shoot and hike and we were laughing about the last time we hiked Timp. 15 years ago this month! I think we were in better shape then and skinnier! We made it up in about 5 hours and spent about 3.5 filming on the summit. It was awesome. It included a lot of aerial shots with a helicopter and some ground shooting. It was also fun working with my great friend Jeff Parkin and his son Jeremiah (who played the young Eugene). Jeff is writing the script and he directed this film shoot. He is an amazing talent! And Jeremiah hiked that whole way at 10 years old! I forgot how good it feels to really accomplish such a physical feat! It was fun and although I'm feeling it today, I'm glad I REACHED THE SUMMIT! (The theme for BYU Homecoming this year.)

The helicopter has a camera mounted on front, to get the shots.

The actors on top of the summit.
Filming beauty shots on the ground.

The awesome cast and crew!