Friday, April 27, 2012

12 Years

Today my sweet dotter is turning 12. Now some of you might not think this is a significant birthday but for me it has brought on time for reflection. 12 is a really important age in our lives. She will now leave elementary school and move onto junior high this year. She will start attending our church youth group (which is a huge part of our lives) because you can do that at 12.  While she was close to becoming a teenager, she is now teetering on the edge with all that comes with that......attitude, angst, heartbreak and the good things.....responsibility, joy and curiosity.

I've been thinking about how hard it was to have her, literally (I was in labor for 52 hours, no epidural at the end,) and how hard it is to be a good parent.

I think about that a lot, being a good parent. I constantly worry about the time I spend with them (or really lack of) how I handle situations, how to make them know they are smart, pretty, funny (all the things that are important to them right now.).......Will they be well adjusted adults.....keeping their grades up.......the list goes on.

I just worry.....but today I'm not. I'm just going to have a fun day with my beautiful 12 year old dotter and be grateful for the time I've had with her so far......and the many years ahead I will have with her.

I look at her and I think it all turned out O.K. and it will be O.K.

Happy Birthday my sweet BRONWYN. I love you more than you will ever know.

I made this board for her, and it was waiting in the kitchen. I'm having friends and family post little notes to her throughout the weekend. I put little quotes and doo-dads that represented her.

Notes on the board.

Good advice to live by. One of my favorite pictures of the dotters.

I always try to get her a sock monkey to add to her collection. Thanks to my dear friend Paula I was able to procure this one at the last minute. (She has about 20 vintage sock monkeys.)


caThiE said...

We are so incredibly happy to wish Bronwyn a wonderful birthday! We love your beautiful daughter who has a big spirit and a loving character. We hope all of you have a delightful day. . . with love, Cathie, Sarah & Fred!

Heather Richardson said...

She is as lucky to have you as a mom as you are to have her as a daughter - I hope to meet her someday!
Happy Birthday and enjoy this last year of tweendom!

Sarah said...

Happy birthday beautiful Bronwyn!!

Little Chicks Info said...

OK...we have TOO much in girl is 11 and loves sock monkeys...thanks for a great show, it was wonderful meeting you and THANK YOU for the sweet tool box AND flowers...I blogged it cause I love it Happy Birthday to your girl!

Jenny said...

I have two daughters - 11 & 13. I worry about being a good mom all the time too. It's so hard to know what's best all the time. But they're loved, which is half the battle, I think.