Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Random Life

Oh how I wish I had more time to write down the things I want to on this blog. For me this blog is a journal of sorts. It helps me chronicle special events and some cool projects I do once in a while.  So here it is the middle of May and I have yet to do a post. So you are going to have to put up with what I call my "My Random Life" blog entry. Basically I download my i-phone photos and smash them into one entry to play catch up. So here goes:

First up is Fleaology, our first sale of the summer season. It was our biggest yet, with 34 vendors. So much fun and hundreds of happy shoppers. Don't you love our sign? Below is the line waiting to get in.

My friend Lisa and I threw our dear friend Marianne a TWIN's baby shower. It was called the perfect pair. I hosted it at my house and got to use my back deck that I have been working so hard on decorating. It was lovely. Pictures from the shower below.



Bronwyn with her drama group. They recently performed Throughly Modern Millie. Below she is posing with her friend Winnie who is also in our neighborhood.

Here is Dotter #3 with my sweet niece Ellie. They are the best of friends and Bella always loves it when Ellie visits from Idaho. They were down this weekend for Mother's Day. I hosted 70 people at my house, and I will do a blog post about that.

My dear friend Paula who went to a barn sale with me. Here she is assisting me with all my purchases. It's always good to have friends around!!
This is just a few things that have been going on in my life lately. I also have been auditioning for a show that I am directing this summer, and I start a ballet tonight. There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day sometimes.....but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have it any other way.

What has kept you busy lately?

P.S. Did I tell you we got rid of T.V.? and I'm pretty sure I'm not even missing it?


caThiE said...

I love that first picture of your patio, wish I had taken that one (wink*). I'm so very happy and grateful to be a part of your crazy, busy, happy, random life! Hugs to you, my good friend. . .

Little Chicks Info said...

I want to be part of your crazy, busy, happy life! Can't wait to hang out with you at Marci's Fallow Field Farm show! I love the things I got from your booth at Fleaology...love, love! I'd kill for your garden & your brain! By any chance did the "Stay off the grass" sign sell? If not, I'll buy it! (oh why did I not buy it then?) 801-380-1360...i'm looking for more signs! Let me know if you come across any! Thanks, christine of thisandthatcreations.blogspot.com

Sarah said...

you're not missing a thing getting rid of TV. I keep wanting to get rid of mine but with a 1 & 3 year old around...they need "down" time sometimes & I love a quick DVR show.

I have a bunch of digital scrapbooking to do but I'd really love to get my hands in the outside & plant pretty flowers.

Pollyanna said...

Your baby shower looks amazing, not surprisingly!! You do know how to throw a party!! Keep up the busy, not sure when you EVER had time to watch TV!