Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh the things you can do........

I have an awesome and capable husband, like I'm sure many of you have. Since he is a designer and technical director he is also extremely handy. Things that would take me hours to do he can do in mere minutes like working with tools or building something. He is also the cleanest painter you will ever meet. (I mean he doesn't even need to put a drop cloth down!) Now I think of myself as pretty handy too. When we first met I was working in props and set dressing. That takes skill too! (and use of power tools.) But we have been together for a long time and over the years I have let him do a lot of things for me, because he is faster and it's just easier for him to do it. I'm sure some of you might be in the same boat.

Okay so why am I telling you all this...you wonder? I recently had a moment of great satisfaction that I want to share. So at some point in our marriage, he decided he was a better packer than me, especially when it came to packing a car. I think early on I might have defended myself but over the years I just conceded and let him do it. The dotter's and myself would bring all our stuff to the driveway so Dad could load it in the van in a orderly manner. I can't really remember the last time I packed our van for a trip.

So a few weeks back, my sweet friends and Fleaology partners made the trek to CA to go to a big Flea Market there and to just have some fun in sunny So Cal. We spent all day at the flea market and between the three of us had a hefty haul. (Come to FLEAOLOGY May 5 to see some of the goodies we picked up.) Now my dear friend Paula drove her 12 passenger van with the seats out, so we had some good space.

Once we gathered all of our stuff together and looked at the van space, I had a moment of inspiration! I can do this! I can pack all this "stuff" into this van. It was like the old ME stepped forward, not the complacent ME or the "honey you can do it" ME. (And the honey wasn't there anyway.) It was fun and challenging and took about 45 minutes to pack but I DID IT!

It's funny how little experiences can help us remember who we are and what we can do!

Now I'm not saying I'm going to start doing all those things that take me an hour and him 5 minutes, but next time the van needs to be packed for a family road trip, I'll show him who has mad packing skills too!

I did get proof......see the pictures below. 


A picture of the stuff, ready to be packed into the van.

Paula and Cathie trying to get pictures of all the stuff! I thought this was so funny, so I snapped a quick pic.

See how excited they were to know that we didn't need to leave anything behind?

Some of the awesome things we picked up. Some you will see at Fleaology!


caThiE said...

You ARE pretty amazing, my friend! So glad we had the chance to go junking together. . .

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

Totally mad skills Jenn! Awesome! LOL! xo

Pollyanna said...

Yep Stacy, she's amazing, it was like watching someone put together one of those 3-D puzzles .... good times!

Sarah said...

Amen!! What a good post. I get SO easily caught up in the "complacent me" or "let Ty do it". This week I was tired of that too & got to work by myself while he was gone. Such a silly thing but I totally know what you mean. What to take the bull by the horns. but funny thing is...you are one of the most independent women I know. So it's good to hear this from you!!

Copper (Annalisa) said...

I'm glad I got to purchase some fun items from your "stuff" at this last Flea.o.logy before heading out of state to Purdue! I got those matching red transfer ware cups and saucers. They look great with my dishes and are happy as two peas in a pod displayed in the china cabinet with them.

Oh, and tell your husband thanks for helping me unpile all of the items on top of that fabulous red suitcase :) I'm so happy it's mine!

It was great seeing you again! Good luck with everything. If ever I come back to visit, I hope I can manage to plan it around a Flea.o.logy event!