Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Flowers....in LA

Okay, so I think some who do wander get lost.....and that would be me. Lots has happened since the last post, 3 major shows, a move to a new house (same neighborhood, just a better house) and a recent trip to CA. I went to a Theatre conference in LA and my fellow fleaologists thought they would join me later in the week and go to one of the famous LA flea markets. Now I lived in LA for 9 years and knew my way around pretty well. Prior to the market we went to a few of my most favorite places in LA.

We first hit the famous LA Flower Market.

I was so excited to show my friends this wonderful gem in LA.  I believe it is the largest flower markets in the United States. It opens at 3am to the trade (florists) but at around 7am the general public can come and purchase flowers and plants.

As much as I wanted to buys dozens of flowers, especially the wonderful tulips and ranaculas, I ended up getting some awesome topiaries for my front porch. I also got some wonderful succulents. The other two fleaologists had a great time and were delighted by the wonderful array of texture and color. Cathie our photographer took some wonderful photos and Paula bought some wonderful plants for a miniature garden including a bonsai tree.

I'm planning post 2 in few days about a wonderful and inspiring store we found and of course our flea market adventures at Pasadena City College.

Head on over to the Fleaology blog, we are have a giveaway. The prize?? A $50 fleaology gift certificate!!!!

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Cameron said...

I lived out here my entire life...and have never been to the flower district in LA! Looks like I need to plan a morning excursion! :)