Thursday, April 1, 2010

Artful Thursday....even in Kansas City

I am attending a theatre conference in Kansas City, Missouri. I've been many places and have even been to Missouri a few times but never Kansas City. It is a really fun town, full of great artistic people. Aside from being an awesome theatre town my students and I have been able to get away for some exploring. Today we came upon a wonderful shop called Bon Bon Atelier. It was really one of the most unique and inspiring stores I've seen in lately. The shop owner was so cute and delightful, we had a great time talking with her and looking at all her cool stuff. So...since I really wasn't able to create anything for today, I thought I would post these pictures of the shop.

We also visited this wonderful kitchen store called Pryde's . It was amazing and I loved the mushroom table and chairs.

I'll probably do a few more posts about my adventures in KC. I think one will be the "amazing BBQ" to be had there. Also have loved the time with my wonderful SM students. One has an interview with Cirque de Soleil tomorrow, I am so excited for her. My other wonderful student has an internship at Tuacahn this summer. Next week I am off to LA for Spring Break with the kids. I might have to post more Artful Thursday Travel pictures next week.

Hope you have all had a wonderful creative week!


Sarah and Ty said...

too cool! this town seems really fun. who knew? how did you find all these places? looking forward to more posts!

Leah Florence said...

I love finding places like that whre everything just tickles you. Hope you had so much!