Sunday, March 21, 2010

Daddy Daughter Disco Dance

Our #1 Disco Diva Dotter!

In our church I serve as the President of our Primary. This is an organization that serves children 3-11. I have 3 other wonderful women who assist me as we serve these children and their families. Every year one of our activities is to have a Daddy/Daughter Dance. Last year we did a dance with the theme "Butterfly Kisses", it was very formal with corsages and a really nice dinner. This year we decided to do a "Daddy Daughter Disco Dance". It was a huge success and many families really caught the spirit of the 70's and came all decked out. My girls were beyond excited and had such a great time. I was in charge of decorations, music, lights, etc. The other ladies did the food, party favors and invitations. I am so blessed to have such wonderful women helping. I know a good time was had by all. Wanted to share some fun pics with you.

The centerpieces were old 45's found at the thrift store with a new designed label. (see pic above)
I added a record bowl I made that had gumballs and M&M's, some gold shred and the little packages are party favors with disco ball necklaces and headbands.

Closeup of the record bowl I made. So easy and fun!The backdrop for the pictures with their Dads.
My Disco "Dotters" right before the dance.

And straight from Studio 54, the Disco Dad.......doesn't he look awesome?
Disco Dad's shoes, after dancing all night in these, his calves were killing him this morning. (he-he) welcome to our world!
At the dance.........
Brooklyn with her best friend Savanna. (She danced more with her than Dad :)
The most awesome Disco couple!
John Travolta eat your heart out!!!

Thanks to our sweet friend Debbie at the Scera Costume shop for helping with these rad costumes! We love you!


Sarah and Ty said...

ahhhhhh!! love this post!! these pics are amazing. i'm totally stealing some so I can blog about it. (well i'm in the middle of a bazillion maui posts so later...) This was SO fun. I love you Jen!

Rachel R said...

Haha...I love this post! And a huge round of applause to your husband for wearing such a fetching get-up. I'm sure this is one night your girls will not soon forget!

Heather Richardson said...

This definitely gets daddy (and primary president!) of the year! Very impressive. Nat, I'm taking notes, you would make an awesome father-in-law....

Tina said...

hey now this is too cute. what a great family and fun times for sure.


Jillayne said...

This looks like it was the most fun ever and those record bowls are very cool!

Pam Aries said...

OMG !! This is so Disco Dad's shoes..reminds me of Peewee Herman Big Adventure ! CUte!