Thursday, April 15, 2010

More LA Fun

We had a fun time meeting our new nephew/cousin Liam. Finally, a boy in the family! He was adorable!

I think we wore him out!
Such a cute boy!

We love our new cousin!
We spent a day at he beach. We went to Manhattan Beach which is one of our favorites.
Yes, they really wanted us to bury them! :)

Not really used to the salt water when she's swimming.

Definitely our California girl!

Spent one day at California Adventure. The Dotter's loved it! They had never been to that park before (always Disneyland) but I think they really enjoyed it especially since they are a little older. Here they are riding the Ferris Wheel with Dad.

Here we are waiting in line for the Grizzly Run, the fun water ride there. All happy and smiling.

Guess who got the most wet?? Not so happy and smiling.

The Dotter's loved the Toy Story Ride.

The trip home: we take safety really seriously as you can see. Dotter #3 made sure her new friends were buckled up.

Hope you all were able to have some fun during your Spring Break.

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Tina said...

what a great family....looks like some serious fun...

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