Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dotter #1 is 10 today!

My oldest is officially a decade today. How did that happen? She woke up to a room that had been Birthday bombed. (Thanks Emily for the great idea.) The bomber trashed her room with streamers, balloons and her favorite candy. (Anything with carmel.)

We woke her up crowned her the birthday queen and served her breakfast in bed. Yummy eggs, toast and of course a red velvet cupcake, her favorite.

Tomorrow, she and I will take the day off for shopping and lunch. I can't wait to spend the whole day with my girl. I love her so much.

Happy Birthday my sweet Bronwyn.


Laurie said...

What a special celebration! My best friend in Kindergarten was named Bronwyn. Happy birthday and have just so much fun tomorrow!

Sarah and Ty said...

You are one great mom. sounds like a great day. Can't wait for you to enjoy a whole day with her!

paperbird said...

your daughter is gorgeous and I love her crown!

Heather Richardson said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful Bronwyn! What a lucky girl to have you as parents, and I'm sure you feel lucky too to have her as a daughter.

Tina said...

AWWWW - she is too cute. I love the crown and what a great idea to make one for every birthday. Love it. i need to try my hand at crowns...real frilly ones.

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