Friday, April 16, 2010

Artful Thursday....on Friday

In 10 days my oldest dotter will be turning 10. It really is hard to believe. I know this is so cliche' but it really does seem like yesterday that she was just a little baby. I love her so much. Well, in preparation for her birthday, I made a birthday crown. I love making the dotters crowns and they love getting them.

I used this wonderful velvet paper I got at Paper Source when I was away. Unfortunately, they do not have one here in Utah :( but you can order online. I sewed the velvet paper to a really stiff felt to make the shape. I then added all the embellishments. Some of those trims I got recently from my trip to L.A. The prices can't be beat in the fabric district. I got that cream trim for .30 a yard. I wanted to put her name on it, and I thought that a star would be perfect. She has a wonderful brightness and countenance about her. She is a star in our family.

I love making crowns and I make one for each of the dotter's every year for their birthday.

What are some special things you do for the ones you love on their birthday?


Sarah and Ty said...

We love the Birthday Fairy. She decorates & brings treats & presents on birthday morning. My aunt started this tradition forever ago b/c every summer when we'd visit it'd be my little brother's bday. The fairy would always come with streamers & balloons. I love it!

Heather Richardson said...

Can you believe it's been 10 years (+) since we started having babies!! I still remember the awesome party you threw for our one year old twins - Happy Birthday to the beautiful Bronwyn!!

Laurie said...

How beautiful!

Pretty Things said...

Gorgeous, as always! You have true talent!