Monday, April 27, 2009

A Birthday Party that Cooked!

I love parties, I love to plan them. I probably would be a party/event planner in another life. For Bronwyn's 9th birthday party we decided to have a cooking party. She invited 5 friends and we had so much fun! It was the perfect age to have a party like this. This is what I did:

1. Made matching aprons for all of them. (Thanks Mom for all your help!)
2. For party favors, I bought measuring cups at the $1 store and filled them with lifesavers and sour patch kids.
3. We dipped chocolates and they loved it. We dipped strawberries, carmel pretzels, rice crispy treats and oreos. YUMMY!
4. They each made an individual lasagna in a bread pan. We also made little salad kabobs with cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and carrots.
5. For the invitations, I made a recipe card.

The party lasted about 2 hours and they each took home a plate of their dipped chocolates. Six was the perfect number. The party was a great success and I would recommend doing it for a fun birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRONWYN, MOMMY LOVES YOU!
The measuring cup party favor.

The recipe card invitation.

The girls dipping chocolate!

Bronwyn and Milly taste testing the chocolate strawberries.

Skyllar and Sarah dipping up a storm.

Bailey dipping her fingers in the chocolate!

Milly stirring the ricotta cheese.

Bronwyn and Bailey cooking the meat.


Bri said...

So cute!!! You are so creative!

charrette said...

What an awesome party!

And it's giving me a flash of nostalgia, too. When I was about Bronwyn's age, maybe a little younger, my mom gave me a cooking party for my birthday, complete with matching aprons and chef's hats. (I don't think she thought of the adorable measuring cups party favors, though...)

See? She'll remember this for the rest of her life...

Happy Holmes said...

loving the updates!

What a fun party! You really should be a planner. PS.. what's with your family stealing all the crafty talent. The L.H. clan got stuck with nothing!!

Sarah and Ty said...

too fun! great pictures. I bet you all had a blast. What a good mommy you are:)

Ashley said...

That is AWESOME! Great idea, fun party, cool Mom!!