Monday, April 27, 2009

Beautiful Button Bracelets

I just got all these awesome vintage buttons recently and could wait no longer to make some bracelets. Recently, I was able to get my hands on some really cool green ones. I recently bought a vintage rhinestone button lot on ebay and it included some beautiful green ones. I found the white buttons with the green rhinestone centers at the Springville Antique Market. They only cost $1. The other bracelet has really awesome buttons, a lot of black glass, Bakelite and cool 50's and 60's modern buttons, and as always vintage rhinestone buttons. A lot of people ask me how to make them and where to find the buttons. I am always looking for vintage buttons, some of the best places I have bought them are:

Ebay (I have been able to get some really good deals!)
Confetti's Antiques (They are in Spanish Fork. She has an antique claw foot tub full of buttons that she sells for 10 cents each. Be prepared to look!)
Treasures Antique Mall (In Springville off of I-15, more depends on stock.)
DI-(Rare to find some there, but I have on occasion.)

You can find plain bracelets on the internet or even Michaels. Just get some jump rings and pliers and CREATE.


charrette said...

You have the coolest ideas! I love my bracelet! And I get zillions of compliments every time I wear it. A major conversation piece.

Pretty Things said...

I need to send you buttons. Last time I checked, I had about 20 pounds (no lie) of vintage buttons. I keep thinking, "oh yes, I'll do THIS with them" but WHERE is the TIME?