Friday, April 17, 2009

The Dish on Spring Break

Of course it has been many months since my last post. I will always aspire to be more diligent in my writing but sometimes I have found you just have to let some things go in your life. For me it is this blog, but alas I have felt the blogging spirit and been inspired and renewed, thus the post....This week has been Spring break for the girls and I decided to take Thursday and Friday off to spend with them. Last year our Spring Break was a trip to Disneyland and to see "Wicked" in Los Angeles. This year our economic situation is very different. We are home...and to add insult to injury it snowed 6 inches last night. It doesn't feel like Spring at all. Well I loaded the girls up and we trekked to Ikea (I had to buy a few items) and the girls and I came across these delightful little dishes. Anything miniature or bite size the girls just seem to eat up. They begged and I gave in and the dishes, silverware, cups and pots and pans were bought. (They were really cheap too!) We came home got out the aprons (Bronwyn has on one of my favorite vintage ones) and pulled out the fruit snacks, cookies and water. It kept them entertained for almost 2 hours and after that they washed all their new dishes. So it may not be Disneyland, but still a lot of fun!

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Marianne said...

Wow you actually posted something new. That's like three new posts in 2 days. Impressive. Love the little dishes. Clara would love those. I'll have to check them out.