Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Decorating

I love the Fall. The air gets crisper, routines are back into full swing and yes....I get to decorate with fab Fall colors. I love earth tones; orange, green, brown and yellow. I pull out a bunch of my Fall stuff but I always try and do something different or new. I love using as much vintage items as possible. So my "styling" looks something like this:

I love old toolboxes and this one was perfect. Compartments for old books, pumpkins and a real topiary.

Remember that cool old cupboard I got, it's now all decked out for Fall and Halloween.

I love old clocks. In this setting, I think it is "vintage spooky"

Added a few ravens to my mirrors.

I love these real pumpkins from a pumpkin tree.
Just a little glimpse into our Fall home. You should see the outside!

My new obsession: Pinterest.....if you haven't checked it out.....DON'T  or you might get hooked like me!

Happy Fall!


Pollyanna said...
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Outofmymind said...

You have inspired me. Gotta pull my stuff out and see if I can come up with something cute as yours.

Cameron said...

Gorgeous! That cabinet is especially perfect for Halloween decorating!

You make it look so easy ;P

Marci said...

AWESOME! that cupboard makes me drool a little.;D
are you part of the flea:ette in pleasant grove this month??

Pollyanna said...

Charming decor, as always. Thanks again for letting us experience the show, I loved it!!

Capable Father said...

Hi Jennifer, It's fun to look at your pictures and see stuff that once lived at my house! Looks great,