Thursday, October 13, 2011

RANDOM photos on my iphone

The title really got you didn't it......

So I don't know about you but my 3 dotters take my iphone all the time. Do your kids do that too? So they use it as their own personal camera. Now most of the time they do this without my permission and quite frankly without me knowing it. So tonight I looked at my camera roll and I see 36 pictures. Now you have to understand that I rarely, rarely use my iphone camera so I was very curious to see what the photos were.

I had a good laugh.

My dotter's do love photographing themselves.

I did find 2 fun pictures that I actually took and will include in this wonderful photo essay.

So without further essay....Random iphone pictures

What??? I don't even know what to say

Does she look a little devilish here? or is it just me?

This was one picture I took. Bronwyn meeting Brian Stokes Mitchell after he performed at BYU's Homecoming Spectacular. She was thrilled to chat with a bona fide Broadway star.  After she chatted with him for a minute Bronwyn told me that night "Mom, I'm so glad you are not a house mom". I finally impressed my dotter. BTW it was an awesome show to work on, and he is a lovely, lovely person.

A random rehearsal shot I took of him....obviously I need iphone camera lessons.

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Cameron said...

I have a few pics on my phone....I still have no idea how to get them off there...haha!

Yours sure are fun!