Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We're BAAAAACK........

The dotter's trying on some hats at one of the many antique stores I dragged them to.

We are back. The dotters and I had a lovely time. We have so much to tell you. Please forgive the next few posts, they will be dedicated to the fun, and inspiring time we had together as a family.

I am busy working on projects for Fleaology and SPARK. ( A really cool event you should check out.)

Also, do any of you ever feel that you need a vacation after your vacation?

That is so ME right now.

I've missed looking at all your blogs and hope to catch up with you.


Cameron said...

I hear you on needing a vacation...haha! Of course, I'd settle for a maid at this point :)

Your daughters look so sweet in those vintage hats. What good sports they are ;P

Marci said...

what cuties!!
you are doing *spark*?
me too!

The Lucky One said...

i CANNOT wait to read all about it!! i got the postcard from the girls! soo cute! and im in town next week and im hoping hoping i can sneak over at some point and see you all! miss and love you!