Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Summer Vacation-Part 2-Southwest VA

One of the main reasons we planned our adventure back East was to see GRANDPA REED and GRANDMA KAREN. My husband grew up in a wonderful city in southwest Virginia called Roanoke. In fact he and I met at the professional theatre in town. (He was a scenic artist and I was a stage manager.) It was a great place to grow up and my hubby's dad still lives there. Well, the last time we visited, Dotter #1 was 8 months old, so needless to say it has been a while. Although we are able to see Grandpa every year, he is usually flying out to UTAH. After our NYC stay we rented a car and drove to VA. (And yes we drove in Manhattan, even tho I warned the hubby not to, that in itself is an adventure, super aggressive drivers.)

Grandpa and Grandma were so wonderful and such gracious hosts. We had a great time with them. 

We were able to take the dotter's to all the places we used to love and show them a glimpse our lives pre-dotters. (We lived downtown which was really fun.) We also had a chance to visit some REED family history sites which was so interesting. We spent a day in this sweet little town that Grandpa grew up in; Floyd, VA. It was nice just to have some down time after our exciting stay in NYC.

Top 5 things about Southwest VA

1. Visiting Floyd and going to this amazing old cemetery in the middle of a cow field. Nat' great grandfather is buried there. Really old graves some dating back to 1700's. Just a cool place.


2. Visiting the Floyd Country Store and getting refreshments. Just a fun, laid back place.

3. Visiting one of our oldest and dearest friends. Ernie Zulia.....he gave me one of my first professional theatre jobs and I worked as his production stage manager on many shows he directed. He is now a chair of a theatre department at a private liberal arts university.

 4. Many Historic and iconic spots that I have always loved.......
One of my all time favorite restaurants!! Ate there 2 times when we were there.
Nat and I loved this hike. It was fun to take the girls.
The Historic Farmer's Market. One of the oldest in the country.
I have always loved this sign. Always.....
All the charming old spots.

5. Grandpa Reed taking the girls bungee jumping (the safe kind.) They are still talking about it.


We had so much fun visiting Grandpa and Grandma and old friends. We love VA and can't wait to go back!

 Stay tuned for Part 3! (I promise the last of the vacation posts.)

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Cameron said...

What a wonderful blend of history, reconnection and recreation! Looks like the girls had a great time....and so special that you were able to revisit some of your favorite old haunts :)

Marci said...

oh i love old towns like that...looks like you had a ton of fun!