Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer Vacation-NYC Part 1

I love NYC. There is no other city like it in the world. Having worked in the theatre profession my whole life I have had the chance to visit and stay in this wonderful city many times. I recently took 3 of my students in February. Well, the dotters have heard us (the hubby and I) talk about this magical place for many years. They finally demanded that they experience this urban wonderland. So Mom and Dad saved their pennies all year (because this is no bargain city) and we planned a trip back east. First stop: NYC

My top favorite moments with the dotters in NYC:

1. Arriving at night and seeing the dotter's faces take in Times Square in all it's lighted glory.
2. Dotter #1 telling us that we should give money to HOBOS (that is what she calls homeless people) but only if they SING.
3. Counting how many times they say "What is that smell?"
4. A really profound and reflective time at the World Trade Center area. I think the reality of what happened had meaning for them.
5. Taking them to their first Cirque de Soleil show at the world famous RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL and Dotter #1 whispering to me at one point, "That is really creepy."
6. Riding the subway and the dotter's always wanting to stand and hold onto a bar, even if there were 20 empty seats.
7. The fun shopping....they couldn't get enough.
8. On the last day the dotters after walking so much saying "Can we take a cab?" everywhere we went.
9. Dotter #1 trying to hail a cab and Dad yelling to her "If you hail a cab, you will pay for it."
10. Dylan's Candy Bar---you gotta see it to believe it!


A great view of Manhattan.

Visiting the Mad Hatter in Central Park.
Central Park

Dotter #3 enjoying the water in Central Park
A highlight in NYC, the greatest candy store in the world. I think Dotter #3 is unhappy because she wanted to buy the whole store.

We saw the new Cirque show, ZARKANA at Radio City Music Hall.

Rididng the Times Square Toys R Us Ferris Wheel.

Introducing Dotter #1 to the best bakery ever. Magnolia Bakery. She is eating their amazing bannana pudding.


Heather Richardson said...

Wow that is amazing! What a dream to take your kids there. I definitely plan on doing the same thing someday. I could say so many things about each photo - so many memories and thoughts with each one! Just so happy you got to go and have this experience! Especially Dylan's Candy Bar which wasn't there when I lived there, but I've since shopped there on visits back! Awesome!

The Lucky One said...

I LAUGHED out loud at "if you hail it you pay for it!!" im still laughing! i wish i could have been there for all this! haha and i am drooling over the magnolia bakery pudding she's eating! Im coming to see you guys next weekend! I can't wait to hear more stories of the trip! love you!