Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fleaology AND OTHER stuff I LOVE

Go head over to my FLEAOLOGY blog today for a fun giveaway.

I just got this fab cupboard from my friend and Fleaology vendor Bruce. I love my white pottery in it. Doesn't it look awesome?

My anniversary and birthday are right next to each other. August 19 and 20. Usually my husband just gets me one gift, this year he did 2 really nice things for me.

For my anniversary he finally did the electric work on this little standing lamp I fashioned together.
He is the light of my life, so it is very appropriate. It was waiting for me just like this when I got home Friday. I love it!

For my birthday he finished a project he started that I really wanted. I love silhouettes but I wanted a modern take on them. I wanted one of each of my sweet dotter's. I love how they turned out.

Finally, my sweet friend and fellow fleaologoist Paula got me these old electric letters for my birthday. This is my life motto and she happened upon them at an estate sale and knew it was destiny!
Thanks Paula.

Don't forget Fleaology is almost here. I can't wait......I have a feeling it will be the best sale yet! Don't miss it. I know your heart is telling you to come!

I  am also doing a wonderful event called SPARK. I will be a vendor there and participant. I'm working on lots of vintage inspired whimsy! 

p.s. I think they have a few spots left for SPARK. Come join me in the fun!

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Cameron said...

What wonderful stuff and great reasons to celebrate with them!

Looks like you swung right back into things after being away! Wish you a fantastic show!