Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dotters=Little Gals=Valentine Party

The dotter's loved all the pretty festive decorations for my annual Valentine party and thought they could capitalize on it. They begged for a chance to have their own party.  Why not? and I secretly wished for a reason to keep my cute decorations up a little longer.

We decided each dotter could invite 5 friends. We would decorate Valentine cookies and make Valentines for family and friends.

It was such a fun time with all the girls (imagine 15 girls ages 6-12 all in the house.)

All had a fun time and got to take home lots of sweet treats to their families.


Doesn't this look goooood??
Hope you had a wonderful and sweet Valentine's Day.


Cameron said...

What a nice Mom you are! Lucky girls...a memory I'm sure they will remember fondly :)

Sarah said...

cute idea. I've got to do something like that for Andie. She would flip! A party just for fun? Maybe I'll do a St. Patty's something...

And yes that last cookie(s) look perfectly iced to my taste!

Oh been meaning to tell you (I don't think I have) but I signed Andie up for her very first play! Wizard of Oz with Lehi City. She's a crow & munchkin!

Marci said...

i wish i was one of the reed dotters...you are such a great mom!