Monday, June 27, 2011

The Dotters go to the Utah Arts Festival

Every year in June our family looks forward to going to Salt Lake City to attend the Utah Arts Festival. It is a fabulous festival that the dotter's and I have attended for 4 years. It features exciting artists who show and sell their work. It also has music, food and a wonderful children's area. It is the children's area that get the dotter's most excited. I love living in a state that knows the value of art in our society. The festival gives the dotter's a chance to see the world through different eyes and to experience the way others view life and the world around us. I was most excited and impressed by the random acts of art featured throughout the festival. There are always interesting people and stimulating conversation is generated by the dotters observing those interesting people.......
We found this car at the festival. Obviously some knitters were really busy.
A random act of art!
Dotter #2 found this lady in the car.
Dotter 1 is loving the dog.
One thing we do every year at the festival is go to the Mad Hatter booth. Here the girls get to make a crazy hat. This year it was wizard hats.

 Some other great pictures of the day......... if you live in Utah, mark your calendars for next June. Have a artful experience!


Tina said...

hello there - this all looks like so much fun. You got lots going on in Utah - for sure...

You're girls are cuties.

have a great week.

Cameron said...

What fun! An art adventureland of colors and creations~ Love it!