Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer at the Shell

We are so lucky to live in a community that loves the arts. Being a family that relies strongly on the arts for our livelihood I wanted to tell you about a gem of a community arts center. It is called the SCERA Center for the Arts and it is located in our hometown. My husband also happens to be the Technical Director and Resident Designer for SCERA so it is at times our home away from home. The SCERA has many programs, it has a indoor theatre season that features musicals, children's shows and dance shows. It also has a movie theatre that features most family friendly movies. It has many programs for youth including dance, choirs, art classes and theatre (a lot of theatre). But perhaps one of the most fun parts about the SCERA is it's huge outdoor amphitheatre located about 1 block from the center. The outdoor season consists of 3 big musicals and a concert series. It also has fun outdoor movies. The other night we went to the outdoor movie of one of our favorites, The Princess Bride.

If you talk to anyone who has grown up around here, most people have some memory of spending time at the SCERA. There is nothing else like it. A beautiful night surrounded by ones you love and the gorgeous mountains that surround our valley. To me this is what summer is about.

Hope you are enjoying your summer and able to find fun things to do with your family.

What fun summer things do you do with your family?
Dotter 2 and 3 are ready for the evening's performance.

I needed to show you how the theatre is surrounded by gorgeous mountains.

My hubby is thinking....I spend all day here, now I have to come in the evening too?

Friends Paula and Scott joining us for a performance of "Singin in the Rain"

We celebrated Grandma's birthday before the show, the flag cake is because she was born on June 14 (Flag Day!!!)

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!

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Cameron said...

Looks like a perfect way to spend Summer days and nights!

Those girls look so happy and carefree...ah....what Summer is all about :oD