Monday, July 11, 2011

Bella's Vintage Market

I had the opportunity to be part of a new flea/vintage market in Salt Lake this past Saturday. It was at Wheeler Farm which is this charming park with old houses, buildings and lot's of farm life. It was actually a perfect spot for a fun vintage market. I saw lots of old friends (my two Fleaology pals Cathie and Paula were there with awesome stuff.) I also met some great new friends and people whose work I've admired at other shows. It was fun to be around so many creative people. I did some trading and got some great new stuff as always.


Here are some pictures of my booth. (I actually thought I got some decent booth pictures, which happens to me so rarely, I usually never have time.) I am excited for Flea.o.logy this weekend and will be bringing some great stuff. Come visit our Flea.o.logy blog!


danniey said...

I want that typewriter!

My dad's gonna be in town, but I hope to go to fleaology this weekend! Hope I see you there!

Heather Richardson said...

Love your vision and the way you bring it to life! Gorgeous photos and love the name Bella's Vintage Market. All so cool!!