Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gardening 101

In the play Streetcar Named Desire, Blanche talks about how she has had to rely on the kindness of strangers. Like Blanche our family has had to usually rely on the kindness of strangers or (friends and family) for fresh garden vegetables. I am proud to say that will not be the case this year.

Now I consider gardening to be a wonderful art form. It takes practice and trial and error just like any other art form (dancing, acting and singing...etc.) So the Reed family has attempted the art of a garden. Now mind you we are starting small.

I have to go back about 6 months. So Nat started saving all the perishable foodstuff for his compost pile out back. He said he was getting the soil ready. I'm not even sure he did it properly, but he continued to add to the pile over the last few months. He spread the stuff over the garden area and I must say it is full of worms. That's supposed to be good....right?? Every time the girls dug a hole to plant something, we saw lots of worms. Big ones to!

The dotters had different reactions to the worms. Bella screamed in delight, Bronwyn not so much.

We planted tomatoes and cucumbers (that is the dotter's favorite vegetable) and threw in a few watermelons. The girls check it everyday and I hear one of the watermelon plants is really growing.

I will give you updates on our gardening adventures (I know you are anxiously awaiting them....) and if any of you have planted a garden here's to a great harvest.

Have a creative day!


Cameron said...

Full of worms is good!

We had to plant in pots this year, but we also planted tomatoes and a cucumber...and snap peas, too...but they are almost at the end of their cycle!

Best wishes for a delicious Summer :)

Heather Richardson said...

Love this post, especially all of the wonderful pictures! I would love a garden too, my back yard is pretty much a vacant lot. Someday....

love your creativity in all of its forms!

Just a bed of roses said...

My New friend Jennifer...wow, spent some time learning about your life here on your blog...VERY COLORFUL LIFE YOU LIVE! It matches you perfectly!
Adventures everyday with your amazing family and your life's passions...and now a garden? whoa girl!
Hope to run into you at Farm chicks and was happy to see that you want Flea-ology to turn into something beyond cool for the creative antique shoppers in Utah.
Utah needs this. Swiss days... NO ANTIQUES...just wrong!

Maybe it should be on STUDIO 5, why not? You could be in the spotlight, it's your thing, we'll just create (and I could probably contact brooke walker)

Loved it when I saw your tags with the 3 dots...oh, that's just too funny.

Hope you were able to fill up on some pastries at Neumans today, enjoyed all 3 of you today, normally not THAT busy.

brenda www.justabedofroses.blogspot.com

Maren said...

I'm so happy to have found you!:) This is so cute and funny! Dotter #3 mentioned the garden, but, I have to confess, I thought she was fibbing:)