Friday, May 13, 2011

100th Blog Post Giveaway...showing my friends some LOVE

*****I know that blogger has had some major issues these last few days. My giveaway post was deleted so I am going to try and re-create it as much as possible. If you left comments in the previous post, please come back and re-post them.

To celebrate my 100th blog post I wanted to share some LOVE with my friends. I have so enjoyed being able to keep up with old friends and meeting new friends, all through the world of blogging. I started this blog mostly as a journal for myself and my girls (known as the 3 dotters) to have a record of our creative life together. I am not the best journal writer, so this blog has really helped.

I even published my first 80 posts into a book, so it is like a "real" journal!!

It has been fun reading sweet words of encouragement from friends and I thank you for that. I now have a little business that I blog about often, and a new business adventure called FLEA.O.LOGY.  I have had so much inspiration from other blogs (a lot of them are yours) and I just wanted to celebrate this little milestone with everyone. I know a lot of you love my crowns, jewelry etc and I wish I could give you all something.....but I will pick 5 lucky recipients. Don't you love getting FREE stuff?

The rules for the giveaway are as follows:

1. Leave me a comment, if you are new introduce yourself please :) and I will put your name in the drawing.

2. Become a follower of my blog and I will enter your name. (If  you follow already I will also enter your name.)

3.  Go to to learn all about our new Flea and Craft Market we are doing this summer. Become a Fleaology follower and I will also enter your name. (Please tell me in your comment if you do.)

That is 3 chances to be entered!!!! I will run this a week (since we've had all the blogger problems) I will close it next Friday May 20 at noon.

Here are the prizes:

A crown fit for a queen. One of my creations with chicken wire and gorgeous vintage flowers. A tribute to Marie.

A sweet birthday crown with a vintage milk bottle full of gumballs.

A princess hat with 10 vintage recipes. (I know that is an odd combo.)

A large vintage milk bottle full of gumballs.

A vintage lunch box that includes fun nostalgic candy (candy lipsticks, Mary Janes, Mike and Ike's, lemondrops and a lollipop)

******Thanks to all my friends old and new for stopping by!!*******

Have a great day!



just me said...

woohooo, love your crowns!! and now a chance to win one, but the candy looks so yummy too! mary janes are one of my dad's favorites from when he was a little kid, those and one called walnetto which are hard to find. I already follow your great blog and will head over to your new one! sure will follow that one too, specially because we know it will be full of great ideas and eye candy like this one! congrats on all the posts!

artworks_studio said...

I have been in love with your blog since we met through One World One Heart! Your crowns are D*I*V*I*N*E
and now I am following flea.o.logy :)

clever craftsman said...

That lunch box with candy is calling my name my friend :)

Angela said...

I first saw your crowns (or at least the idea) at Dear Lizzie. I have been obsessed ever since. I have dreamed about getting one for my 30th b-day! (near future) Then I saw you at the Beehive Bazaar and I excitedly stood there admiring your work of art for a long time! I am so glad to have found your blog and creations galore! I am excited!

Angela said...

I am following both blogs. :) No doubt.

artworks_studio said...

Oh my goodness!!! You would swap a crown with me? That would be beyond AMAZING!

Cameron said...

Yay! Congrats!! I just reached this milestone, myself....amazing feeling....knowing we've come up with 100 different things to share...and people still come back for more...haha!

Here's to 100's more!

artworks_studio said...

GRRRRRR! I too lost your wonderful comment on my blog post. Your crowns are beyond fabulous and are totally D*I*V*I*N*E

I am following flea.o.logy too!

Been in love with your crowns since we met on the One World One Heart Tour. You are AMAZING!!!

Angela said...

Hey my name is Angela. I wrote a long description of how I recently found you, but not in the mood to write it again. I just love your crowns and am dying to have one for my 30th b-day in the near future! Hope I win! You are a great artist.

I have followed both blogs. :)

caThiE said...

Hi Jen, ooh pick me pick me! You are darling to do a giveaway, so sweet. I love ALL that you do, you are a huge inspiration to me. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Thought I would just say Hi! I've been following your blog for well about a year now I think, and just here a month ago I found out that you were Amanda's sister! Kind of funny how that stuff works out.
I love all the stuff you make and it is all really inspirering.

Elisabeth Hojholdt(Amanda's foreign exchange student)

clever craftsman said...

Hello to you my fellow Fleaologist! You are very talented and if I am picked I promise to give that vintage lunch box a good home and share the candy with others...Mike

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

Hey Jen ~ okay, I'm leaving a comment and I'm a Fleaology follower, but I can't seem to find the follow button on your blog. What a great know how much I love that CROWN!!! ~Stacy~ xo

Jennifer said...

Hi Stacy--I finally added the follow widget at the bottom of my blog. Thanks for letting me know about the following thing...I didn't realize how hard it was. Thanks, for stopping by...hope Acorn goes well for you.

Lisa said...

Jen! You know how I love ALL of your creations. You are a creative FORCE! I will follow your new blog...and the idea you told me about the other day...LOVE IT! Let me know if I can help.

Lisa Elzey

The Cook Fam said...

It is your cousin Amie. Love all of your things! I can't figure out how you do everything. You are amazing.

Sarah said...

well i'm 2 days passed the deadline but I'm still trying since a winner hasn't been announced. :)