Monday, May 23, 2011

Back to the Dotters and the WINNERS!!

The next few posts will mostly be about the dotters. They are my inspiration behind this blog, and I've been neglecting some really important stuff. Stay tuned in the next few days to hear about.....GARDEN ADVENTURES...with Dad; another creative project.

This is Bronwyn on closing night with the sweet girl who played Molly. (Claire Westcott)
I blogged earlier about doing Annie together as a family. It was such a great experience and such a fun show. I really believed all the stars aligned to make this happen in our family. It truly was a once in a lifetime event. When the SCERA asked me to direct Annie I knew I wanted to use my girls. That was one reason I agreed to do it and give up so many nights. At least they would be there with me. I love collaborating with my awesome set designer husband. I knew he would give me the set I was looking for (and on a pretty limited budget). I also talked him into being in the show....just a little cameo that got great laughs. I was thrilled that I got to cast dotter #1 as one of the Annie's. She truly won that role. I thought some people would say she was cast just because I was the director, but after seeing her perform, I know people realized she truly won that part.
I love this picture so much. Do you think she likes Annie?

Here's the same little fan taking a pic with Bronwyn. A friend sent this picture to another friend who passed it on to us. She loved the show!

It was a joy to do theatre as a family.
Closing Night family picture.

My wonderful, talented and spunky orphans. Dotter #2 in the front (with the big mouth.)

I know we will do shows together in the future, but I'm not sure it will ever be quite like this.

Bronwyn with Delayne my amazing Miss Hannigan. Just finished fighting Stage 3 breast cancer. Truly an inspiration!
With Eric Harper....who played, who else....Daddy Warbucks.

Now on to my winners......Thanks to all my blog friends who entered the giveaway and for those who are now following Fleaology.  Okay the winners are:

Marie Crown: Elisabeth

Birthday Crown/gumballs: Cameron

Princess hat/Recipe cards: Sarah B.

Vintage Milk Jar with gumballs: Artworks Studio

Lunchbox with vintage candy goodies: Lisa Elzey

Please contact me at to leave me your address. I will get these sent off to you.

One final picture: This is mostly for Mike (my clever craftsman friend and fellow fleaologist.......) I love it and tell the Diva many thanks! The rest of you can enjoy my new cubbie cabinet too!


Cameron said...

Looks like you had so much fun directing the play....and that you got to do it together as a family will certianly go on the list of favorite memories, I'm sure :D

.....and I'm so thrilled to be 1 of your lucky winners! Woo hoo!!! *jumping up and down*

Thank you very much!!

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

What a fun play! Congrats to all of your blog the cubby cabinet too! (*_*) xo

Anonymous said...

The cubbies look great in their new home! We are on the hunt for another one or two or seven! Thanks for sharing...