Thursday, December 2, 2010

Beehive Bazaar this Weekend

Okay I just got back from setting up my booth at the Beehive Bazaar. Lot's of great stuff as usual. Said hello to some crafty friends and met some new crafty friends. That is what I love about the craft world. Lots of fun and interesting people. I picked up a few things that I will show you later in another post.

So one of the most awesome things about the Beehive Bazaar is that they have a young crafter corner. Kids can apply to sell things that they make. Last year Brooklyn and Bronwyn made these cute bottlecap necklaces and sold out. This year they are letting younger sister Bella join in the business. They made twice as many too. Hope they sell these all out. Bronwyn has also made some really amazing masks. This year when we went to the Utah Shakespeare Festival she came along with us. The festival sells these amazing masks and she was inspired to create her own and has done a great job. Go check them out. Below are some pictures I took when she was working on them.

I was an idiot and did not take picture of the final masks, but if you live in Utah go check them out for yourself.

Bronwyn has really enjoyed making these masks and is excited to sell them. I love her creative spirit. I hope she always has it, as well as the other two dotters.

My challenge to you this week: Do something creative with your children or mother or whomever.......and also realize everyone's definition or perception of creativity is different. I always hate when friends or family tell me "I'm not creative." I don't believe that. Our Heavenly Father gave everyone the spark of creativity, it just manifests itself in different ways.

Okay enough of that, time for bed! Go check out the Beehive Bazaar!


Grammy Pat said...

Just got back fromt he Beehive Bazaar, loved your booth and your dotters items in the kids section, too. Purchased a "Captured Fairy", just adorable, but am wondering if you have more wool felt balls in pinks and greens or creams or turquoise that I could buy? We had a good laugh at the checkout when I mentioned I might dismantle the piece and repurpose some of the parts. I got home and realized I'd rather not take it apart, if it's possible to just buy some of the balls that are inside the jar. You can email me @ Thanks!

patula10 said...

In looking closely at this picture, I realized that she is working on the charming mask that I puchased at the Beehive Bazaar!! Lucky me!!