Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Studio 5 and Christmas Shopping

Thanks for all the kind words about my Studio 5 appearance. They producers were great and I actually had a good time. I was pretty happy with the segment (except for the 40 lbs I need to lose!, working on that.) I got some great feedback and some orders as well. If you don't live in Utah or happened to have missed it the link is HERE.

I also copied the notes from the ideas that I presented, with a few pictures.

Create Birthday Crowns

Make your child's birthday special, by giving them a crown to wear for the day. They can wear it year after year, and it becomes a special thing kids look forward to every year. It's a nice tradition to start with your children.

Hold Spontaneous Tea Parties

Everyday objects can serve as inspiration to create a special time with your children. In my instance, I bought some yummy cupcakes at a cupcake shop and they were so pretty, we decided to have a spontaneous tea party. In about 20 minutes I gathered things I had around my house and was able to have a fun tea party with my girls. They loved that it was planned at the last minute, and that I served them. The funny thing is every time I pick up some cupcakes now - they want to have a tea party!

Send Special Lunch Notes

Send special lunch notes (not just ordinary ones!) that are pretty and well thought out. This is a special way to just let your children know you love them and are thinking of them even when they are not with you.

Write in a Shared Journal

As our children grown older, sometimes they have a hard time talking about certain things and asking questions they might think are embarrassing. If you and your children make a journal together, tell them it is a special journal that they can write or ask anything to you. You will then write back to them. This is one good way as children get older to communicate more difficult subject matter until they feel comfortable talking to you. Also it's really fun.

So after the Studio 5 appearance I stopped by one of my favorite stores Anthropol0ige, here are a few things I'm dying to get my hands on.

These displays make me want to do some restyling in my house. I love this look!
Wishing you all many creative days ahead as we head into the holidays!


Pretty Things said...

Your crowns are among some of my favorite things!!!!

charrette said...

Jen, I have to say, Jeff and I were just saying the other day how inspiring you are to us. You are so good at doing wonderful things with your girls, weaving all kinds of special celebrations into your busy, busy schedule! I LOVE all your spectacular ideas!