Friday, October 22, 2010

Crazy October

Hello my friends, I know it has been some time. How do people blog everyday? Is there a pill for that? As always I have good intentions, but time does get away from me on a regular basis, so I need you to settle for the October update. October started with Homecoming Spectacular. Those of you who are my BYU and Utah friends know this is a huge show I work on every year. We do it the week of Homecoming in the Marriott Center. We start the planning stages in the summer but it really comes down to two weeks in October. (Like 70-80 hour weeks, mind you.) So that was the start of the month for me.

Next up: Utah Regional Ballet, their Contemporary Evening of Ballet at the Covey Center. They are a wonderful company that I love working for. Nutcracker will be here before you know it. I would consider making a date with your daughters for that one. Go check them out here.

Then: DRACULA! As I mentioned before, this is the theatre company myself and a few really talented friends founded last year. The Mortal Fools Theatre Project. This is our third production and we open tonight. It is really a great show and at The Castle in Provo. I know! Provo does indeed have a Castle. Go here to see more great pictures and get some information.

Finally: I am getting ready this weekend to do a segment for Studio 5 on Monday. While they have featured some of my work before, I have never actually appeared with them. I'm nervous, but excited. I'm going to be talking about special and creative things you can do to make everyday moments with your children special....ok that is a mouthful. It's been fun to think about and work on it. And that Brooke is really sweet! If you are home Monday at 11am check it out on channel 5. One of the things I'm going to talk about is Spontaneous tea parties that I have with my girls quite often. Here are some cute pictures from one of our more recent ones.

Do you have fun and creative things you do with your children? I would love to hear about them.

Much love I'm sending to all of our family and friends that check out these little tidbits of our life.


Lisa said...

Oooh how exciting! My goodness you've been busy. What an awesome idea with the tea party....

I'm sure I have something creative I do with the kids but right now all of my thoughts are being broken down by the chant of "drink. drink. drink" from my 3-yr old daughter as she thrusts her empty cup in front of the screen. *sigh* :)

Love all you are up to!

Heather Richardson said...

You are killing me with the Dracula show! What I wouldn't give to come and see it - looks spectacular!
Again you are amazing and it is so delightful to read about your projects and your life. Hope you can post a link to the Studio 5 show wen it airs.
Good luck!

The McEwans said...

We MISS you! Every time I look at your blog, I am sad that you don't live down the road any more! The tea party looks darling! I hope Studio 5 went well. I am going to try to look up the segment right now!

Sam and Josh said...

Jennifer, and I saw you on Studio 5and thought I recognized you. I lived across the street from you in South Jordan and Brekken and Bronwyn were friends. So good to see you and what cute ideas. I will for sure add you to my favorites on my blog. Your girls are so adorable.

Teresa said...

hello there! i just adore your crowns i was wondering if u sell any??? im not crafty at all and my daughters first b-day is coming up! i would love to buy one from u if possible!!!! :)
heres my e-mail

Angela Timms said...

You did a great job on the show. I love that show and I love all your pretty little treasured projects too! I am so with ya...I just love crowns and girly things and doing special things with the kids. So fun. Loove a little vintage thrown into it all too-thanks for sharing:)