Friday, March 5, 2010

Wedding-Artful Thursday

Have you ever thought, "If I could get married again (to the same person of course! :) What would I do differently?"

Now don't get me wrong, I really loved my wedding and reception. But their are two things I would change.

First- I would have different flowers, when my husband and I moved to LA very soon after we were married I discovered the LA flower market. It was one of my most favorite places in the city. It is enchanting. When I lived there fresh flowers abounded in our home and I was really able to discover a lot of different types and combinations, especially because they are so inexpensive there. Where else could you get 2 dozen roses for $6?

Secondly- I would have had a cake topper. I just used fresh flowers on my cake, but now I think I would go for a really fun vintage looking one.

And so we come to my ARTFUL THURSDAY.

I found this cheap vintage wedding topper at a antique store for $2! Now I know it needed something. This lovely couple has been sitting on my work room shelf for months just begging me;

"Make Us Beautiful!"

I finally decided to help them out last night. It really was simple, I just pulled out all those supplies lying around and just starting experimenting. I tore off that funky shiny paper and plastic beads. I added beautiful vintage blooms, tinsel, buttons, beads and old hat netting to cover everything. In the center of the heart is an old vintage earring. I love words and turned to my cutter dictionary and inscribed on the heart:

She Saw the Future in His Eyes

Lastly I added some color around the bottom of the white lace (about the only thing I kept from the original.)

Now this is the wedding topper I would use if I could do it all over again. This year my husband and I celebrate 15 years of marriage, and I plan on many more with him. I don't see any wedding in my future anytime soon.

But don't you think it would look great on a 15 year Anniversary cake?

Hope you have found moments to be creative this week. Click on the Artful Thursday Button on the side and visit some of my other friends Thursday projects.

You won't be disappointed.
The "Before" Picture

Don't they look so pretty now?

The Details


Lisa Russell said...

Oh, this is SO cool! I love your after project of what you have done. They remind me of my husband's parents when they got married! And I think it would look GREAT on an anniversary cake. Wonderful idea!
(and yes, I would redo the flowers and cake topper at my wedding also!)

tamdoll said...

I love what you did. I didn't pay much attention to details when I got married - I let my mom do it all - but I think my topper is in a box in my attic - maybe I can dig it out this coming year in time for our 20th anniversary next year! Great idea. I will be sure to post if I do a make-over of mine.

If I had to do it again, I would definitely want to inject more personality into everything (at 21, I didn't care about the planning, just getting hitched and moving away!).

Tina said...

eeek! love this. I haven't been able to find one of all the millinery goodness. TFS


p.s. my wedding was the most subtle and simple ceremony ever - flowers would be a serious change if I had a do over.

Kristal said...

I had a big to-do on my first wedding and it didn't last. For my second one, we did it very simple. In my mother-in-laws back yard, my sister-in-law did all of my flowers, my best friend took all our pictures and my step-daughter and nephew were the wedding party. It was perfect!

I have been thinking about collecting vintage wedding toppers, and after seeing your before/after, it's a definite! Love how you made it over! Any bride would be proud to have this on her wedding cake.
Why don't you get a small cake to celebrate your 15th anniversary and add this to the top? I think that would be wonderful!

Laurie said...

I would have had a different headpiece for my veil. I think you did a great job with that topper! I had fresh flowers on my cake, too.