Sunday, August 30, 2009

Skirts Rule

On a winter's eve, a long one keeps you warm
On a warm summer day, skirts keep you cool
Wear the right one to compliment your form
One for every occasion; Skirts definitely rule

--Lyn Lomasi

Wanted to share the latest project I've worked on. I found this really cute pattern and fell in love. The skirts were fairly easy to make. It took about 6 different fabrics and I love all the Amy Butler line and also needless to say the fabric was not cheap. But the skirts turned out so cute and the girls love them! I still need to finish Bella's. They are also unique, not something you can find at Target. (Although I love Target!) The cost was about $15 in fabric and about 3 hours of my time. I've been working on some other fun projects and plan on posting pics soon.

Brooklyn and Bronwyn have been wanting to make a vintage button bracelet. On Saturday we were off to Confetti's and they went through the bathtub of buttons and picked out some for their bracelets. Turned out pretty cute!
I loved this photo. I savor these moments!


Sarah and Ty said...

cute cute cute!! are they for sale?

Pretty Things said...

So very cute!

One of these days I'll be able to part with some of my vintage buttons. I've been saying that for six years now....

danniey said...

Cute skirts! I just got a bunch of great Amy Butler and Moda fabric and have been tryingt o decide what to do with it. Do you have adult size patterns?

charrette said...

Twirling their new skirts and holding hands in their matching bracelets. You are the world's funnest mom!

I wish I could sew. (sigh)