Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Things I Love.......Things the Dotter's Love

I had some time to be at home today, which was so nice. Time just to putz around the house. I can't even remember the last time I did that..... As a lot of you know I love all things vintage, but I especially love vintage dishware or really any vintage kitchen thing. I decided to rearrange my cabinet today and thought it looked so cheery, I took a picture of it for you. I went to a great tag sale this weekend and found the perfect thing! A little child's cabinet to put all of the dotter's little dishes in, because they love dishes and kitchen stuff as much as I do!!!! It just warms my heart that my little dotter's love to go to tag sales, antique stores and see all the "cool old stuff". I will finally have my flea market buddies, because Nat can only take so much. But the dotter's; they love to go up and down the aisles with me and look at all the treasures. I still need to keep a close eye on #3 but for an almost 4 year old she does pretty well!

A closeup...don't the colors just make you happy?

The great tag sale treasure....I'm thinking about painting it
Brooklyn and Bella cheer each other on the great find! Isn't it cute?


charrette said...

SO GLAD you got some down time! (Did you go to Swiss days this weekend?)

Pretty Things said...

I LOOOOVE vintage goodies. I'm running out of room for things, though -- just put up another shelf in my office for things! Soon I'll need another house! :-)

danniey said...

That little cabinet is soo cute! I love it! We just found a vintage bread box in the abyss underneath our stairs. We cleaned it up and stuck it in our kitchen! It looks gret with all of our silver/red appliances!