Friday, June 26, 2009

ART TO START......the weekend

We started the weekend by going to the Utah Arts Festival. This is such an awesome event that happens every year. It is in Library Square in downtown Salt Lake City. This was my 3rd year taking the girls. It is 4 days full of wonderful artists and really fun things for kids to do and a way to explore their creativity. We always stop at "The Mad Hatter" and the girls make hats. I love what they come up with. Bronwyn's was especially funny. The booth is sponsored by Roberts and only costs $3. They have lots of supplies. I love the hats that come out of that booth as I watch all the kids create. After an afternoon at the Arts Festival we headed back to Lehi so Nat and I could judge the floats for the Lehi City Parade. They called us up a month ago and asked us to judge. It was really fun. Nat especially got into it. There were about 40 floats (miniature) and some were just so dang cute! The theme was " If I Could, I Would...." We had to judge a lot of different criteria. I'm including pics of the ones that we thought were especially clever and cute. We went to the parade and of course the girls had fun catching all the candy that was thrown. I love a hometown parade! There is something just so sweet about it. A town coming together to celebrate the people and place they live. I love my little hometown!

The Mad Hatter Booth
I loved this little music sculpture in the toddler area.

The kids art yard installation. Kids made a piece to hang on the collage.I loved, loved this!

Pics of the floats.....If I Could I Would.....Sleep in!If I Could I in Candyland.

If I Could I a Bug's Life!The loot from the parade.....better call the dentist!

Bella trying to convince Bronwyn for some candy.


Pretty Things said...

Oh my gosh, Mad Hatter???? Then you have to go see my post today!

Leah Florence said...

How fun! hank and I have been the past two years and are so sad to miss it this year. They really come up with creative things to do with kids. I am glad you took advantage of that, especially since you have such creative kids.