Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Birthday BROOKLYN!


Six years ago today, I was lying in a hospital waiting for our second daughter to arrive. She was late and had to be induced. I went into the hospital the morning of July 2nd, somewhat nervous. Childbirth was not this wonderful and amazing experience women had told me about. My first daughter was born after almost 52 hours of labor , 2 1/2 hours of pushing, with no epidural in the end. They took her right away and I did not see her for 24 hours. Because it was a stressful labor, I had a normal hospital room, not the wonderful birthing room I had hoped for. Needless to say the experience left a lot to be desired. Okay, so I'm in the hospital waiting for #2 and I am in a pretty nice birthing room. I start to feel uncomfortable and I get this great epidural that lasts through my entire labor. I'm ready to push and 3 pushes later she's out. My mom is there. They actually laid her on my stomach. I got to hold her right away! It really was a wonderful birthing experience. Everything I had expected but did not get the first time. We had our beautiful daughter, and we named her BROOKLYN. Tomorrow she turns six. I know Heavenly Father gave me this wonderful experience with you. You will always be special because you were the easiest to give birth to. And for the record.....#3 turned out pretty awful. Baby born at 27 weeks, emergency C-section on Christmas Day...... but you Brooklyn, you were my blessing birth. I love you! HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY BROOKIE!

Brooklyn invited 3 of her best friends for a Build a Bear Party and a LateOver a few days ago since we will be on vacation during her birthday.


Sarah and Ty said...

nice cake. looks yuuuuumy. Jen what bad stories!! I am so sorry. I'm glad you got one good birthing story out of the 3!

Pretty Things said...

Happy belated birthday! And that cake looks divine!

charrette said...

Yeah, we called Jordan our drive-through baby. She came out so easy it felt like we just drove up to the hospital and they handed us a baby!

Every mother deserves one easy delivery!

And Brooklyn in adorable.