Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our December

December completely got away from me. Shows, shopping, family, parties, recitals, a birthday (Bella's 4th) and did I say shows? Needless to say it was a wonderful and full month. I've decided to post some fun photos that will show our "creative December". Enjoy and have a WONDERFUL, HAPPY, BLISSFUL AND CREATIVE New Year.

I love to decorate (vintage is the only way to go at Christmas for me.) I especially loved my tree this year and will be sad to see it put away.

Birds were it for me this year, I used them in everything, my Christmas tree, jewelry I make. I just love them.

Nat made this wonderful bench for me for Christmas. I bought this vintage Monterey style bed at an estate sale in CA years ago. I have dragged it with every move, hoping to see it made into a bench someday. My someday finally happened! Thanks Honey!!

On Christmas we celebrate the birth of our Savior, but we also celebrate the birth of our little Isabella. Born December 25, 2005. She turned 4 this year. She wanted a friend party so a few weeks prior Bella had her first friend birthday. We love you Bella!!

Bronwyn was in a show this holiday season, entitled "Nuncrackers". If you have seen "Nunsense" it is the Christmas version. She opened the day after Thanksgiving and closed December 21st. She had a great time performing most nights and made some good friends. Nat also designed the set. Go visit Bronwyn's blog at

This is Tiffany, she is one of my stage management students at BYU and Nat hired her to do "Nuncrackers". We love Tiffany!!

As I mentioned in a previous post, Brooklyn was in The Nutcracker. Here is a picture backstage with the Snow Princess. (Her name is Joni and she happens to be Brooklyn's ballet teacher.) She is an amazing ballerina and Brooklyn loves her.

If shows were not enough we also threw Bronwyn's piano recital in the mix. Here she is playing a duet with her teacher. Bronwyn is very good at the piano and has made lots of progress this year.
Bronwyn stop monkeying around! Brooklyn gave this giant sock monkey to Bronwyn for Christmas this year. She collects sock monkey's and has many vintage ones in her collection, but this is by far the biggest!!

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danniey said...

I LOVE all of your Christmas decorations! They are so great! It looks like you guys had a great (if really busy) holiday! Can't wait to hear more about it! Happy Birthday Bella!