Sunday, October 25, 2009's almost over.

Those of you who know how crazy are lives are, know that October has been unusually crazy. This truly has been a month to remember. These are just some of the highlights:

--Nat designed puppets and opened Stellaluna at the Scera after just doing some amazing puppets for UVU's production of Charlotte's Web. FYI-The Daily Herald did a great story on him in today's paper. If you want to read it go here:

--I opened Mortal Fool's first production which was Frankenstein. I have been rehearsing since August and Nat designed and built a beautiful set.

--The week after Frankenstein opened I went right onto Homecoming Spectacular week. I've been working on that project since March. It was a fabulous, huge show and I spent many 16 hour days at the Marriott Center. But well worth it. I've posted some fabulous pics that Michael Handley (the producer) took.
--We did our primary program (sigh) today and it really was a beautiful meeting. Many of the older children wrote their own talks. They are such an example to me. Totally inspiring.

If you can believe in the middle of all of this.....we took some family photos. I always love to have our family photos done in the fall. It is my favorite time of year. My friend Megan used this photographer and I just loved her work. I booked a session with her and she sent me some previews. I just loved them and wanted to share. I'm hoping to get the rest soon. Her name is Andee McDonald and I would highly recommend her. Her blog is:

Needless to say I am looking forward to a restful November and spending time with the dotters.
Hope you had a happy October!


charrette said...

I'm so excited to say I saw every single one of those productions open within the past week, and they were all fantastic! You are beyond amazing. I don't know how you do it. And your family still thrives. A perfect picture of balance.

The photos are fabulous!

Heather Richardson said...

Beautiful post!
You are definitely one of the most talented families that I know of - and I am still supremely sad that I won't get to see the Frankenstein production. Next year an opening in Orange County perhaps? I can dream....

Pretty Things said...

The photos are AMAZING!!!!! I sure wish that you and I could get together and have a huge crafting weekend!

Leah Florence said...

what a great update! I am so impressed with both of you guys. That article is so cool. Your family pictures look amazing! You guys are just so cool!