Monday, June 11, 2012

Bella's room.....a THRIFT love story

Since we have moved to our new house I have slowly been trying to decorate. It has taken me much longer this time, usually I know exactly what I want to do. I've been trying to work on my 2 youngest dotter's rooms and Bella and I finally made it come together this weekend. After rehearsal on Saturday she and I got to work. It took a while to gather all the components but Bella and I were really pleased with the results. So I now present you.....BELLA'S PERFECTLY THRIFTED ROOM.

All components of her room were either bought at thrift stores, estate sales, yard sales or flea markets or trades with wonderful artists.

Okay here is her bed which I think turned out pretty cute. This is a pallet bed. You can find a lot of cute ideas on Pinterest and I have seen a few out there. This is a twin mattress on 2 pallets. My handy hubby cut them to the right size for me. The headboard is a really cool old door that I bought from my friend Cathie. The pillows were made from fabric bought at Fleaology and Beehive Bazaar. The adorable handmade Teddy was a trade I did with a vendor at Beehive Bazaar. She wanted one of my necklaces and I wanted her bear. The afghan was a $2 bargain at Savers (thrift store). The chenille bedspread from the Pasadena City College flea market for $25. The white frame $5 from my friend Cathie, the cool letter B from Fleaology dealer Jeanine for $10. The colored doilies were $2 each from Fleaology dealer Bruce.

 Our sweet older dotter, Michelle made this pillow for Bella for Christmas. It sits on this vintage child's chair that I got at Treasures Antique Mall for $10.
 This was a recent acquisition from a barn sale I attended with friend. I laid my eyes on it and knew it had to be mine. For $55 I got to take it home. Isn't a hen house the perfect place for her beloved stuffed animals? This is not a girl who loves dolls. It's all about the animals. FYI...most of them have names!

 I love old toys and we decided to put some in Bella's room. This cool old dollhouse from the 60's was a yard sale find.

This is a collection of old  A Child's Garden of Verses books. They are so sweet and so totally vintage. I snagged them at a Fleaology sale last year. All for $20!

 This Fisher Price Barn set took me right back to my childhood. I saw this at a recent yard sale and knew Bella would love it too! It also looks really cute in her room.

This is a picture of her perfectly shabby dresser bought from my friend Brandon for $40. The books and toys look so cute on top! 

Here is an overall picture. A few more things to mention. The cute floral rug was a DI (thrift store) find for $8. The table that the doll house sits on was a $30 Savers (thrift store) find. The cute little metal table was a Fleaology find for $8. The chalkware lamp my friend Cathie dug out of a garage and I bought for $25.

I think the room turned out sweet and charming and Bella loves it. I'm also pretty proud of my thrifty ways! What do you think?

Hope you have a great week!


Little Chicks Info said...

It's adorable and I love the pallet bed! I just saw that on Pinterest and we are using our pallets to make a stage in the backyard! Love all of the clever uses of your cute discounted finds! Smart girl!

Sarah said...

That Little People Farm made my heart skip a beat. I spent HOURs on HOURs playing with that set with my brother. What a find! The room is so perfect. How much fun! We are redoing Andie's room in the fall-I wish you were closer to help give me inspiration.

Marci said...

love this jen and bella! the bed looks so comfy and that those.