Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fleaology is almost here!

The Dotter's have empty bags ready to be filled at  FLEAOLOGY this Saturday.

Go check out the posts at FLEAOLOGY this week. We are having our next sale this Saturday, January 21st at Olson's Greenhouse in Payson.

Come say hi, I would love to see you there. We are having 20 vendors all with awesome stuff. I can't wait to go shopping myself.

The Dotter's are so happy FLEAOLOGY is this Saturday, aren't YOU?
Happy Junking!


Pollyanna said...

I Love, Love, Love the Bohemian dotters tramping through the dry grass .... so adorable!!!!

danniey said...

I LOVE those pictures! They are amazing. And I can't wait for Saturday!

caThiE said...

I totally love the one of the three dotters on the couch giggling together! Love the photos as much as I love the dotters! hugs. . .

Marci said...

dang it all i missed it!!! urghh.
those pictures are just to die for!! what beautiful girls you have!!