Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Tree

Thanks to all my friends and customers who visited me at Beehive Bazaar. It was a fun show and I got pretty cleaned out in the end. So grateful for you support in my crafty vintage adventures.

I've posted a lot of Christmas decor pictures, but had to post my tree. I wanted to do something really different and have been "eyeing" this tree at Treasures Antique Mall in Springville.  My friend made an offer that I could not refuse. So instead of a trip to the tree lot this year....I went with this tree.

Okay, not what you thought? I couldn't help it. I love all the wonderful retro-ness of it. It is an original from thw 50's or 60's. The cool thing....the hubby loves it, the kids love it and when I told my mom about it she said my great-grandmother used to have one!

Perfect for all that vintage ornament goodness. And he threw in the rotating light that makes it sparkle.

Okay, I'll say it again...I love it so.

Merry Christmas!

Come back and visit me on Wednesday, I will be doing a Christmas giveaway!


danniey said...

your stuff is so dang cool. i am glad that i know you and can be inspired by you!

Sarah said...

so fun!! I love that your grandma used to have one too. You've got her blood running through you. Way to branch out. Excuse the pun!

Michelle said...

I love it too!